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Show your PT Panther Spirit during the March Madness Young Alumni Challenge! Make a gift - of any size - to the Annual Fund and propel your class to the top!


March Madness Young Alumni Challenge

March 2-23, 2018

Park Tudor alumni in the Classes of 1997-2017 are challenged in a friendly competition to support the Annual Fund! This is your chance to show that your class tops the list!

Every contribution counts, regardless of size, and benefits over 980 students and 200 faculty who look to you to keep Park Tudor's legacy strong, vibrant and timeless.


After joining many alumni at the Basketball Watch Party this past Friday, incoming Director of Development Kelly Lamm Teller '87 presented us with a challenge! She is confident we can make this year's young alumni participation better than the last! She will kick in $2,500 if we have more donors than last year's March Madness Young Alumni Challenge. So tell your classmates to get in the game!

The final buzzer sounds on Friday, March 23 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern!

March Madness Young Alumni Challenge

The Class of 2003 is the champion!

Congratulations to the Class of 2003 for winning the 2018 March Madness Young Alumni Challenge! The Class of 2016 put up a valiant Cinderella effort that earned them 2nd place right at the buzzer, and the Class of 2008 stayed strong throughout the contest, finishing in 3rd.

Thanks to your incredible support, you have earned the additional $2,500 challenge gift for the school from incoming Director of Development Kelly Lamm Teller '87!

Thank you to all who participated and helped to support extraordinary opportunities at Park Tudor! Your dedication, support, and fierce class competition was incredible this year!

Final Results

March Madness Leaderboard

As of March 23, 2018

Class of 1997 -- 9%
Class of 1998 -- 15%
Class of 1999 -- 12%
Class of 2000 -- 17%
Class of 2001 -- 14%
Class of 2002 -- 9%
Class of 2003 -- 48%
Class of 2004 -- 8%
Class of 2005 -- 2%
Class of 2006 -- 33%
Class of 2007 -- 19%
Class of 2008 -- 38%
Class of 2009 -- 8%
Class of 2010 -- 29%
Class of 2011 -- 12%
Class of 2012 -- 5%
Class of 2013 -- 2%
Class of 2014 -- 2%
Class of 2015 -- 2%
Class of 2016 -- 42%
Class of 2017 -- 2%

List of March Madness Donors

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