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Southern Studies

Grades 9-12
1 credit

Jane Sidey, Park Tudor English Teacher
Sven Dubie, Park Tudor Social Studies Teacher

June 4 - 24, 2018

Southern Studies, an accredited, cross-curricular, team-taught elective, is back for its fourth year. Students in this seminar engage in a philosophical enquiry of how environment and place work to shape identity and culture. They are challenged to look at the South through the lenses of history, literature, music, art and architecture, and foodways. As in previous years, students spend two weeks of classroom study followed by one week traveling to several Southern states in order to connect experientially with the physical and cultural geography of the South.

By visiting the cities and places that give rise to these diverse and complex interpretations of what it means to be Southern, our students are made visually aware of the living dichotomies of the past and present, Old South and New South, urban renewal and rural tradition, and homogeneity and diversity.

The class is reading and writing intensive and students also complete an interdisciplinary project - such as a photo journal, travelogue, or writing portfolio - as their final assessment.

Two weeks in the classroom; one week of travel through the South

This year, our primary destination will be “the Big Easy”—New Orleans—but will also likely to include stops in Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Mississippi, and Montgomery, Alabama.

Southern Studies is INTERDISCIPLINARY:

We examine ideas about the American South through a variety of lenses, including: history, literature, music, film, food, art, architecture, and environmental science.

Southern Studies is EXPERIENTIAL:

Classes are discussion-based; lessons are designed to get you actively involved in hands-on work; and then there is the magic of a week on the road, touring and exploring the Southland.

Southern Studies involves SELF-DIRECTION:

Final projects encourage you to do a deep dive into some aspect of the South—be it history, food, music, culture—that interests and excites you, and reflects our interdisciplinary approach to this region.

Dates and Cost:

During the first two weeks, the Southern Studies class will meet 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Then we will travel for a week, returning Sunday, June 24. Cost for the class and the trip will be $1,500 (includes tuition, travel expenses, hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner - students will need pocket money to purchase lunch and for incidental expenses).

Space for the class is limited; interested students and families may direct all initial enquiries to Jane Sidey or Sven Dubie.

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