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General Info

Thank you for selecting Park Tudor Summer Programs this year. We are dedicated to giving your child a memorable summer experience in 2019. Please carefully read the information below so that you are aware of our policies and procedures.


Due to COVID-19, Park Tudor will not offer any in-person summer camps or classes. We are offering select summer classes for students entering grades 9-12.


Classes and their descriptions are listed on the Park Tudor Summer School website (use the menu on the left to browse our selection). Class size is limited and registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. All families will be prompted to create an account on our new registration page by clicking the button below.

Note: Please select camps/classes by the grade level your student is entering in Fall 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome Letters for Each Camp

This will include your instructor's contact information, a short biography, and a list of what to bring to class.

2020 Welcome Letters

The Park Tudor Summer Experience reserves the right to excuse any student from camp with no refund if the student has presented a safety threat to any person, student or instructor, or damaged property belonging to the School or any other student. The Park Tudor Summer Experience also reserves the right to excuse any student with no refund from camp who exhibits poor conduct. The Park Tudor Summer Experience reserves the right to excuse any student who is not independent in restroom functions or is still prone to accidents, or does not exhibit emotional independence from a parent/guardian. The Park Tudor Summer Experience reserves the right to excuse students who are not in appropriate attire from activities if it poses a safety risk. Please ensure students are in comfortable and safe attire at all times. The Park Tudor Summer Experience requires that any student in need of assistance in a restroom is assisted by two staff members, or one instructor with an open-door policy. All instructors and coaches are background checked in compliance with Park Tudor School and Indiana State policy. Any changes to your student’s medical needs or your emergency contact information should be reported to the Summer Office.