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Valladolid, Spain

Colegio Internacional de Valladolid

Each year, middle school students from Colegio Internacional de Valladolid visit Park Tudor School and stay with our families to experience life in Indianapolis.  In return, Park Tudor School visits our friends at CIV every other year.

Colegio Internacional de Valladolid is a private school serving children in preK through high school.  An English immersion school with an emphasis on intercultural competence, CIV has partnered with Park Tudor School in this exchange for nearly 15 years as well as other schools all around the world. International travel is a key component of the school experience at CIV and hosting visiting students is seen as another honored tradition.

Valladolid is located in the historic region of northwest Spain known as Castilla y León. Settled by pre-Roman Celtic people and then by the Romans themselves, Valladolid is famously known for being the city where Isabel I and Ferdinand were married in 1469 and where Christopher Columbus died  in 1509.  It served as the nation’s capital for a brief time in the 17th century and remains the capital city of Castilla y León.

Valladolid is a relatively small city which is easily walkable and also boasts excellent public transportation. Known for its architecture and design, the streets of Valladolid abound with public art, monuments and other points of interest. A large park called El Campo Grande serves as a meeting place for families, friends and neighbors as well as local wildlife. A prestigious public university, La Universidad de Valladolid, attracts college students from across Spain and beyond and adds to the cultural and intellectual flair of the city.

While there is plenty to explore within the city of Valladolid, it’s location also makes it an excellent base for excursions to surrounding cities such as Segovia, Salamanca, Toledo and San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Our partner school, Colegio Internacional de Valladolid, organizes day trips for our students to these cities as well as other points of interest in the region. Our students also get to experience a “Day in the Life” of their Spanish friends by attending classes with them at their school one day. Dance instruction, cooking demonstrations, performances, P.E. classes and playground games are just some of the highlights from previous years.

In Valladolid, students are typically brought to school on chartered buses that are for students only (not public transit). As is typical in European cities, homes are often apartments.  Many host families live in close proximity to one another, making it nice for group gatherings and dinners at night after school.  Our Park Tudor students are able to experience the routines and traditions of family life in Spain while also staying connected with their friends from home.

Spanish people are known for their hospitality and openness. Our Park Tudor students are truly embraced as part of the family while they are in Spain and often form lasting friendships. Generally, visiting students from Spain are very proficient in English.  Since it is an International school, Guest teachers chaperoning the trip are often from countries where English is their first language (Canada, Ireland, etc.) and thus there is no language barrier when our Spanish guests visit from Valladolid.  

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