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Lower School and Middle School Global Exchange


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Uruguay–Scuola Italiana di Montevideo
Spain–Colegio Internacional de Valladolid

The objective of these exchanges is for students to gain a deeper understanding of other cultures (Spain and Uruguay), practice listening and speaking with native Spanish speakers, find pride in portraying a positive image of the United States of America, and develop transcontinental friendships with students they meet abroad.   Students arrive at the other side of the exchange as more confident individuals.

Visiting students are expected to experience the normal life of your family, including  the day to day activities.  Often, families will plan some special nights out to entertain their visiting students or plan group gatherings.  It is not expected of our host families to entertain their visiting students on a daily basis.  Our way of life in the USA is quite different from that of our visiting students and thus even seemingly mundane outings such as grocery shopping my offer meaningful learning opportunities for our guests.