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Student Support Services

Park Tudor offers a comprehensive array of support services designed to assist students as they develop psychologically, socially and intellectually.


Park Tudor counselors and school psychologists help students navigate the ups and downs of childhood and adolescence. They guide students on issues like conflict resolution and stress management, as well as guide the Advisory programs in the Middle and Upper Schools, and serve as a resource for the school's character development programs. They also implement various educational programs throughout the school, designed to teach students strategies for coping with problems they might encounter.

Park Tudor's counselors often work in close collaboration with faculty and the school psychologists at Park Tudor School to address students' learning differences, since many learning issues can have a psychological basis.

Student Learning Services

Student Learning Services is designed to support students with diagnosed learning differences to achieve success. We also help students who experience general academic difficulties or challenges with executive functioning skills (work organization, time management, and problem-solving strategies). 

Our staff is embedded in each division to provide ongoing student support where needed. Using a collaborative approach, we work closely with students, teachers, and parents to maximize student strengths and bolster self-advocacy, motivation, and self-confidence. In addition, Park Tudor's Student Learning Services provides resources to assist students in becoming self-guided lifelong learners.

Learning Services can provide referrals for related services, consultative support, and, when determined appropriate, assessment and feedback to better inform parents, students, and staff about individual learning needs.  For students requiring more extensive services, Student Learning Services provides:

Assessment and Feedback

  • Individual psychoeducational assessment for current Park Tudor students on a referral basis, if determined appropriate, to identify students' strengths and areas of growth.
  • Communication of effective strategies, interventions, or accommodations.
  • Assistance in the identification and placement of students for curricular extension opportunities.

Add on Services

  • Fee-based tutoring support in content-specific areas identified as a need through the Student Support Team process.
  • Referrals for speech/language and occupational therapy as needed.
  • Participation in Academic coaching based on referral in the Middle School (Gateway Program) and Upper School divisions.