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Lower School Afterschool

The Lower School Afterschool Program offers childcare for extended school day hours, 3:25p.m. - 6:00p.m., with the exception of a few calendar days in which special breaks or holidays have early dismissal. The Afterschool staff is directed by Mr. Stephen Greiner and Melissa Pryor, and supplemented by Park Tudor teachers, instructional assistants, PT Upper School students and employees from College Sitters, Nannies and Tutors.  We strive to keep our student to teacher ratio the same as our school classrooms. 

Lower School students are dismissed from their classrooms at 3:20, and if they are to be in Afterschool, will be sent to a classroom specific to their grade from 3:20-4:00p.m. During this time, the Afterschool staff will take attendance, offer a rotating snack option, and students will enjoy quiet time for reading or completing any assignments from their teacher.

Lower School students spend a great deal of time in free play from 4:00p.m. until the close of the day. On most days, with the exception of days in which extreme weather conditions may be dangerous, students enjoy playground time. We strive for playground time everyday, even if its is for a short period of time. On days when outdoor play must be shortened, we will have the students play games, do activities and have art and crafts as an option in the Hilbert Center lobby. On limited occasions we will provide a school approved movie.

For caregivers picking up during Afterschool hours, they should plan to pull up to the Hilbert Center Circle pick-up (the circle pick up between both playgrounds). The Afterschool staff will greet caregivers at their car window and request the PIN number that all families receive from our attendance app, Kinderlime. If you need this PIN sent via email, please email the program director at We use this program to keep track of student attendance since a charge is incurred, and also to identify that students are being sent home with approved adults by our staff.


Registration Fee:  $35.00 per academic year (Full-time and Part-time)
Full-Time:  $1,300.00 per student ($162.50 per month for 8 months)
Part-time:  $10.00 per day per student on an as-needed basis
Late Fee:  $5.00 per minute, beginning 1 minute after close

(Fees are applied to your student's account with the School)