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Park Tudor News

Urinetown DVDs Available for Purchase
DVDs of our Upper School Musical, Urinetown are now available for purchase! Whether you saw the performance in March or missed it, this is a wonderful opportunity to watch our talented students perform. We’ve attached the program so you can follow along and identify the cast as you watch. Be sure to read the Director Notes by Nicole Tremblay.
DVD - $20 each
Blu-Ray - $25 each
+ $2.50 shipping total per order (not per disc)
To order online go to, enter Urinetown in the box “what are you paying for”, whether you want DVD or Blu-Ray, and your address. The video will be mailed directly to you from Zach Rosing Productions.
DVDs and Blu-rays will be available for purchase until May 22nd.
Enjoy the show!