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Park Tudor News

Together We Serve

By Amy Kerr, Director of Community Engaged Learning

They sit, as patiently as they can, on a line on the gym floor. They are as young as five and as old as ten. Some struggle with English, but they can’t wait to share something new with their buddy. Each of them eagerly anticipates the extra attention and care that will be shown in the next hour. This is the picture when walking into the gym at Spring Mill Elementary School.

Once a month, student volunteers from Laura Reysz’s Anatomy class travel to Spring Mill to take part in The Park Tudor Club. Park Tudor students play basketball, build puzzles, color, have relay races and talk with their buddies. When asked how we could help meet the need at Spring Mill, Program Specialist Migdelia Bolin stated, “We would love for your students to come interact with ours. We have tutoring, computer, art, and other programs in place, but we don’t have a way for our students to just play and learn with older students. They need a chance to be kids having fun.”

This opportunity is just one that has been created since re-establishing our partnership with Spring Mill Elementary School. During the holidays, Ms. Reysz’s students provided Christmas for some of their families, and faculty in all divisions donated toiletries that will go to families in need. We look forward to this continued connection with our neighbors.

If you would like additional information on this or other Community Engaged Learning programming, please email Amy Kerr.