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Sixth-Grade Students Perform Well in State-wide Stock Market Competition

Congratulations to sixth-grade students Oscar Frye, Quinton Gross, and Tanner Wernke, whose team won the sixth-grade stock market game as part of a state-wide competition sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation. They also competed against other Indiana teams and placed first out of 74 middle school teams and fifth out of 452 elementary, middle, and high school teams across Indiana. After starting with a virtual $100,000 they were able to make an amazing 27.1% gain within a two-month window. Teams learned how to buy and sell as well as short and cover options based on live market data. Other PT teams in the sixth grade also performed well, with four teams placing in the top 10 for middle school teams across the state.

Pictured left to right: Oscar Frye, Quinton Gross, and Tanner Wernke