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Park Tudor News

Rosanna Hardin Hall '52 - Janet Flanner Visiting Artist Series
The Janet Flanner Visiting Artist Series Presents:
Rosanna Hardin Hall '52
Friday, September 20, 2019
Park Tudor School
7200 N. College Avenue
The Janet Flanner Visiting Artist Series is free and open to the public.
Rosanna Hardin Hall, a 1952 graduate of Tudor Hall, is a plein air painter who has devoted much time to the study of art and the creation of prize-winning paintings. Her sense of adventure and love of painting gardens, in particular, have taken her to many locales. She is currently working on her second book in her Travel Tales at the Easel series. It will focus on her love of tropical landscapes, her painting trips to the South Pacific, and her admiration for the paintings of Paul Gauguin. The first book, Poesia: A Memoir of Painting in Venetian Gardens with Giorgione, shares her love of Venice, especially during the High Renaissance, and the artist Giorgione, her favorite painter of that period.
Rosanna received her BFA from the Herron School of Art and MFA from the University of Hawaii. In addition, she has studied art in France and Italy. Her gallery, Villa dell’Artista, is in historic Woodruff Place in Indianapolis. You may view her works from around the globe at
Her parents, William Hall and Betsy Toy Hall, were graduates of Park School and Tudor Hall.
Various works by Rosanna Hardin Hall '52
About Janet Flanner: Janet Flanner was a member of the Tudor Hall class of 1909, and became well-known as a member of the "Lost Generation" of writers and author of the beloved "Letters from Paris" column in The New Yorker Magazine.