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Park Tudor Board of Directors Statement on Equity and Inclusion


Dear Members of the Park Tudor Community,

At Park Tudor, we always strive to be exceptional and extraordinary. Our core values include personal responsibility, which in turn challenges us to be highly ethical and respectful in our thought, decision-making and behavior. We endeavor to be an inclusive institution that encourages honesty and consideration for all1.

Now more then ever, we are conscious of the truth that systemic racism exists everywhere, including at Park Tudor School. Today we accept this as truth, and challenge ourselves to push forward and improve as we work to be an affirming, safe and anti-racist environment for all members of our community.  

Recently many students have publicly shared stories and comments of their school experiences. We encourage and appreciate this transparency and we have sincere and deep empathy for the pain and frustration that is being expressed. Our school leadership and faculty are listening and learning. At Park Tudor, we believe that every student should have the equal opportunity to thrive and excel without impediment. We can and will do better.  

Today the administration, with the full support of the Board, reaffirms our commitment to equity and inclusion and pledges to follow through on making our established policies, as articulated in the Student-Parent Handbook, a reality. We truly believe that this is a community-wide effort. With this in mind, we are expanding the scope and membership of the school’s Equity and Inclusion Committee to include students, parents, alumni and members of the Board.

In addition, the Board fully supports the Head of School’s decision to empower Camille T. Wiggins, Director of Equity and Inclusion, to immediately conduct an inclusive culture assessment. This will include a thorough review of the Principles of Good Practice on Equity and Justice produced by the National Association of Independent Schools. The assessment process will examine the ways in which Park Tudor can realize the principles described within the document, which outlines best practices that are shared with and accepted by fellow independent schools across the country.

We encourage all community members to reach out to Gareth and his leadership team with any thoughts or feedback. We are committed to helping our school and all of our students reach their highest potential. Your partnership and support in this work are greatly appreciated. We look forward to a successful and safe school year.

With warm regards,

Board of Directors
Park Tudor Foundation, Inc.

1 Park Tudor Values