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Park Tudor News

eLearning Highlights for the Week (5/7/2020)


Fifth grader Eva Gershman was one of the very first string students to submit her composition at the beginning of our quarantine. We truly appreciate her good work on viola, and we thank her for sharing her music with us.
5th graders compiled a video of "Trick Shots" to share with their classmates and teachers.
Middle School Counselor Erin Nixon challenged the MS students to a scavenger hunt for the week.
...and the “World’s Greatest Worst Therapy Dog" offered up extra challenges to earn bonus points.
Lower School Counselor Sarah Cook demonstrated a play-doh activity for the LS students in this week's tip.
For National Mental Health Awareness month, Upper School Counselor Cassie Nelson Craig went back to basics with a reminder about what we are striving for when we talk about “good” mental health.