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Park Tudor News

eLearning Highlights (5/14/20)
* In the sixth grade, Drama students have a mystery to solve. Each week they’ve had to do some detective work, searching the case files to discover “Who killed Mr. G Robertson?” Through a mix of research, problem solving, and performance, each detective has worked to build their own case files. The guilty person - or people - will be revealed next week. In the meantime, you can watch an installment from The Murder Mystery Files: Caroline Brundage: Which weapon was used?
* Theatre students recently heard from Warren Jackson ’91, who shared his insights about how to create a professional actor’s reel. He sent his audition video to our Upper School actors, who are working on their own audition reels. Watch out for final monologue performances from Upper School Acting & Directing students, which will be shared at the end of the semester.
* Seventh grader Pritikaa Biswas took on the costume and performance challenge for Beauty Manifesto by Nell Leyshon. The script explores the pressure teenagers feel to “fit in.” The costume challenge was to create an original monologue and perform in role as a character from the script, explaining the backstory of a costume piece. Here, Pritikaa performs a monologue she wrote as Chloe, who is struggling to find her way: Pritikaa Biswas: Original Monologue in Costume
* Katie Sickmeier, our Resident Costume Designer, contributed to the 7th Grade Beauty Manifesto Costume project. Katie has been a phenomenal addition to the Fine Arts Department. She has led the way in organizing our Green Room with Jessie Friskney and Lauren Kreigh, making it a more professionally run experience for our students.Tech Theatre students who work on costume have learned the art of wig design, make-up, distressing costume, and how to support quick costume changes between scenes. At the beginning of every Mainstage Production, Katie talks to the cast about her design inspiration, her research process, and how character and storytelling are supported through costume. Throughout the year, Katie also works with the costume departments at IU Theatre, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Actors Theatre and Indianapolis Repertory Theatre. You can see two of her slides below, as she explained her design process for Urinetown.
Senior Kindergarteners had a Zoom Q&A with current IndyCar driver, Charlie Kimball, as part of their Indy 500 unit of study.
Middle School Counselor Erin Nixon shares a reminder that social distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing! 
...and Mo shares insights on social vs. emotional distancing.
Lower School Counselor Sarah Cook shared another wellness tip heading into the final stretch of school
Upper School Counselor Cassie Nelson Craig shared some principles from the book, "The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom."