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Park Tudor News

Congratulations Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!

Congratulations Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries in PT’s annual Pumpkin Carving Contest, held virtually this year and open to all students and PT alums. Following are the winners:

HC/LS Traditional - Amos Brokamp (1st grade)
HC/LS Historical - Morgan Dusko (2nd grade)
HS/LS Glitzy - Lance Rogers (4th grade)
HC/LS Funny - Avery Sutton (3rd grade)
HC/LS Most creative - Max Lake (5th grade)

MS/US Traditional - Lucas Deatherage (6th grade)
MS/US Most Creative - Wyatt Watson (9th grade)
MS/US Funny - Nick Clifford (12th grade)

Alumni Funny - Laura Buonanno Isaacson ‘02
Alumni Most Creative - Abby Farley ‘11
Alumni Traditional - Katie Feldman ‘03

We were also able to hold our traditional Halloween costume parade for LS and HC students this year; parents tuned in to watch via Facebook Live.

7th grader Sofia Brugh won "Best Middle School Costume" with her homemade Day of the Dead sugar skull outfit.