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Park Tudor News

Congratulations to DECA Virtual Business Challenge Participants 

Congratulations to Ethan Kacena-Merrell, Brian Zhu and Kyle Xu (pictured at right, from left to right), who placed second in the DECA Virtual Business Challenge in the Personal Finance category. They will now advance to ICDC, the international level of competition. In this 10-day simulation, DECA students compete with students all over the world learning personal finance concepts as they find a job, buy a car, rent an apartment, apply for credit cards, pay taxes, learn about diversification and retirement investments and more, all while trying to end the simulation with the greatest net worth. The team put in over 35 hours making adjustments to their simulations in order to come out on top.

Congratulations to all of our Park Tudor students who competed in the Virtual Business Challenge in the restaurant, hotel, fashion, sports franchise and retailing categories.