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Young Alumni Return to Campus for Panel
Young Alumni Return to Campus for Panel

Several recent PT graduates returned to campus on Wednesday to share their perspective and experiences as college students with our current juniors. We were pleased to welcome back:

  • Lucy Chadderton - senior at the University of Wisconsin
  • Evan Frank - junior at Wabash College
  • Grace Bahler - junior at McGill University
  • Richard Wilson - sophomore at the University of Notre Dame
  • Carmela Verderame - freshman at New York University
  • Maya Pasic - freshman at Yale University
  • Haydon Betz - freshman at John Cabot University (Rome)
  • West Clark - freshman at Oberlin College
  • Thomas Bamforth - freshman at Oxford at Emory University
  • Alex Honigford - freshman at Tufts University

Thank you to all of the alumni who participated in the panel discussion, organized by our College Counseling department.

Young Alumni College Panel