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Park Tudor News

25 Inducted into Cum Laude Society
25 Inducted into Cum Laude Society

Twenty-one seniors and four juniors were inducted into Park Tudor's chapter of The Cum Laude Society on Friday, April 27 during a special assembly. Head of School, Gareth Vaughan, spoke at the ceremony and advised the graduating seniors and other Upper School students to be flexible, and avoid "over-scripting" their lives in order to cope with whatever unexpected challenges that might come up through the years.

Park Tudor Students Inducted into Cum Laude Society

Seniors inducted into the Cum Laude Society:

  • Claire Azar
  • Jenna Beagle
  • Beatrice Bowlby
  • Victoria Dakich
  • Lily Erickson
  • Matthew Heck
  • Justin Hu
  • Alexander Kim
  • Julia King
  • Rena Li
  • Nicholas Lo Natalie Long
  • Karnika Mehrotra
  • Maya Mishra
  • Jonathan Moore
  • Siddhartha Peri
  • Hana Shafique
  • Michelle Shen
  • Maya Voelkel
  • Drew Wiegel
  • Victor Xiao

Juniors inducted into the Cum Laude Society:

  • Alec Bloomfield
  • Arya Bolla
  • Maria Grant
  • Jasper MacLean

These students join seniors Graham Fisher and Sally Root, who were inducted last year as juniors.

The Cum Laude Society is a national organization for secondary schools that recognizes scholastic achievement and encourages the qualities of excellence, justice and honor. Modeled after the college scholastic fraternity Phi Beta Kappa, the society was founded in May 1906, with the Tudor Hall chapter founded in 1941, followed by the Park School chapter in 1955. There are 376 Cum Laude chapters nationwide; Park Tudor is one of only four schools in Indiana with a chapter. Each spring Park Tudor faculty members who are members of The Cum Laude Society meet to elect the new members of Cum Laude. Membership in the Cum Laude Society is limited by its national bylaws to no more than 20% of the senior class. Juniors may be inducted, but this is limited to those few students who have received only grades of A for all semester grades at Park Tudor through the end of the fall semester of their junior year.