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Oral History Project

Park Tudor School is a partner with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Oral history interviews are conducted at Park Tudor School by two linked groups of students, the Legacy Initiative teams and Western Civilization students.

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Legacy Interviewers

The Legacy Initiative teams interview veterans from the Central Indiana area. Their transcripts and any related documents may be used in future Legacy Initiative publications (including the Words of War anthology) and sent to the Library of Congress. Some of our Legacy interviewers are pictured below.

Interviewing veterans
Mr. H. Roll McLaughlin and interviewer Adam Roth

Grace Tuttle, Julianne Sicklesteel and Adrianna Keramida-Strahl in the reading room of The National Archives

Mr. Jack C. Daw and interviewer Anisha Yadav

Western Civilization Interviewers

Western Civilization students complete oral history interviews of veterans from around the country. Their goal is to learn about historical events based on a first-person account. They learn interviewing skills, how to take accurate notes and how to ask appropriate questions. Copies of these interviews and transcripts are also sent to the Library of Congress. These students then compose a well-written, well-organized, five- to six-page essay based on the interview(s) using direct quotes in a narrative format.

The best of the oral history papers are eligible to be submitted to the Legacy Initiative for possible inclusion in the next anthology of the Words of War series.

Sample Projects

Past interviews have included:

  • A Major in the 3rd Armored Division during the Gulf War
  • A Medic in the 128th Station Hospital during World War II in the Phillipines
  • A German civilian who was a simultaneous interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials
  • A member of the Combat Artist team No. 11 in Vietnam
  • A PFC in the 802nd Engineering Aviation Batallion during WWII in the Pacific
  • A radio specialist who trained members of the Korean Air Force
  • A female enlistee who censored mail during World War II
  • An officer who served on the staff of General Patton

PDFSample Interview Questions