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5x5 Art Salon

5x5 Art Salon

The annual 5x5 Art Salon began in 2013 as an art and writing exhibition celebrating the creativity of all members of the Park Tudor community: students, faculty and staff, parents, and alumni. The size limitation of 5x5 inches allows us to display hundreds of works on the bulletin boards of the Upper School hallways. Every year an optional theme is provided for inspiration. Previous years’ themes have included “By the Numbers,” “A to Z,” and “Cut It Out.” This year’s theme is “FOUND-ational.”

5x5 Art Salon 2019

Theme: FOUND-ational

Deadline for entries: Thursday, April 11, 2019. Entries may be dropped off with art teachers or with Cindy Eiteljorg in the Fine Arts Office.


How do I enter my artwork?

Students, faculty and staff may submit works to any art teacher. Please label your piece (on the back if 2-D or bottom if 3-D) with your name and division (Lower, Middle, Upper School) or department. Parents may send their pieces in with their children or drop off work in the Fine Arts Office with Cindy Eiteljorg. Be sure to include your child's name and division along with your name on your piece. Alumni may drop off work in the Fine Arts Office or mail it to:

5x5 Art Salon
Attn: Laura Schroeder
7200 N. College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Do I need an art or writing background to enter work?

No. The goal is to encourage all members of the Park Tudor community to participate. We hope to receive entries of all ages and skill levels.

What media can be used?

Virtually any material is fair game, as long as the size of the work is 5x5 inches, and the work can be installed with thumb tacks or small nails. Drawings, paintings, photographs, collage, mixed media, found objects are encouraged. Writing pieces can be on paper, napkin, canvas, you name it, as long as the work is 5x5 inches. All work must be dry and sturdy enough for transporting and handling. Please consider the weight of your work, since the work will be installed using thumb tacks or a small tacking nail.

Can I submit digital artwork?

Yes. We can accept the following file formats: .jpg, .png and .pdf for display in the exhibition. Please make sure your image size is 5x5 inches and that the resolution is 300 dpi. We appreciate files that are shared through individual Dropbox accounts. You may email Dropbox links to Heather Teets at

Can my piece be 3D (three dimensional)?

Yes. 5" x 5" x 5". If your 3D piece is slightly smaller than 5" please mount it to a 5" x 5" board or support. Due to limited pedestal, counter and table space for 3D works, we cannot guarantee that all 3D works will be displayed.

Can I submit a metal or ceramic piece?

Please keep in mind that 2D works will be hanging by thumb tacks/pushpins. If your artwork (or support board) is thicker than 1/4" please drill holes into it to accommodate pins/nails. Again, please consider the weight of your work, as heavy works may be difficult to install.

I want to frame my 5x5 piece; if I supply the hanging materials can I submit the work?

No. Please don't, since we hope to have hundreds of artworks to install, the works will be tacked to the wall (some may be pierced, most will not be).

Does 5" x 5" include a border or mat, and can my piece be smaller than 5 inches square?

The external dimensions of the piece should be exactly 5 inches square including border and mat. Smaller pieces may be mounted to 5" x 5" paper or board. Installation is based on a grid, so artworks larger than 5" x 5" will not be displayed.

Will the work be installed by media, subject or order received?

The student curators will be making the decisions as to how the work is installed. It may be mounted in the order received, or by media; they will decide.

Can I enter a 5x5 video installation?

Yes, as long as the video is 5" x 5" and the hardware to display the video is provided. While security in our buildings and campus is outstanding, the school cannot take responsibility for items lost.

Will all artworks be displayed?

The student curators will be making these decisions, but the intent is to showcase all works. Please keep in mind that this is an all ages exhibition, and works considered inappropriate for all ages will not be showcased.

Are any artworks rejected?

The Park Tudor Art Salon reserves the right to reject any artwork.

What other restrictions are there for the artworks?

Please do not submit any works containing glitter, or other materials that could flake off or rub off on other works. Any art being submitted with unfixed charcoal or pastel must have a temporary cover sheet (such as clear mylar), for protection.

Will I get my artwork back?

Artwork by students, parents and faculty will be returned in 5x5 boxes after the show, located at the front desks of the following buildings: Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. Works not picked up by June 1st will be recycled or discarded.

If you are out-of-town and would like your work returned, please email Laura Schroeder at to confirm your mailing address and expected delivery date range.

What happens if my artwork is damaged?

The utmost care will be taken in the handling and displaying of all artworks. Artworks will be monitored throughout the exhibition; however, the school cannot take responsibility for items and/or works that are damaged. Please note that the work may receive a small hole from a thumb tack or nail for secured hanging purposes.