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The Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) annual district and state level solo and ensemble contests provide our students with appropriate and attainable musical goals to strive towards each school year. Participation is open to students in grades five through twelve who attend an ISSMA member school and participate in choral and instrumental music programs.

2018 Contest Dates and Locations:

Sat., Jan. 27 District Instrumental (Winds, Strings, Percussion) at Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center

Sat., Feb. 3 District Piano and Voice at Doe Creek Middle School in New Palestine (NEW LOCATION)

Sat., Feb. 17 State Piano and Voice at Perry Meridian High School and Middle School

Sat., Feb. 24 State Instrumental (Winds, Strings, Percussion) at North Central High School and Northview Middle School

Entry Forms

Due Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Questions regarding contest should be directed to:

Piano and Voice - Mrs. Melanie Marshall (415-2963)

Orchestra - Mrs. Lorelei Farlow (415-2795)

Band - Mr. Chuck Flowers (415-2826)

ISSMA Website

Important Information for Contests

Sat. Jan. 27 District Instrumental

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018
1150 N. Girls School Rd, Indianapolis, IN

Instrumental Solo Entry Form

Ensemble Entry Form

Participation is open to all instrumentalists in grades 5-12. ISSMA rules state that a student must be a member of the school choir, band or orchestra in order to be eligible. Due to the competitive nature of this contest, each soloist must be studying with a private teacher.

Student's responsibilities:

  • Turn in the entry form and registration fee by the deadline.
  • Prepare a solo that does not exceed the 5-minute time limit.
  • Provide the judge with the original music with the measures numbered.
  • If using a school accompanist, turn in a copy of the piano part by the deadline, and contact your pianist by the first week in January to schedule practice sessions.

A performance schedule will be posted one week prior to the contest. It is wise to reserve the entire day because performance times cannot be requested.

An accompanist is NOT required for this contest. This is optional at the discretion of your private teacher. Park Tudor will provide an accompanist for a fee of $41, or you may secure your own for the contest.

Group One Entrants:

  • Group I students earning Gold at District will be eligible to advance to the State contest. Please check your availability for Feb. 24 and be prepared to tell your director whether you intend to register for State if you earn the qualifying rating. It is not mandatory for you to continue to State, but you must pay and register with Mrs. Farlow and Mr. Flowers on the day of the District contest if you choose to go. Entry fees cannot be reimbursed.
  • You MUST select your contest piece from the required list on the ISSMA website.

Please take time to read these documents:

Using the above PT Performance Schedule for ISSMA, fill in the following information so you know what to expect for your ensemble.

The solo section is only for those who are taking solos as well. Check the schedule for times.


Group NamePerformance TimeWarm-Up RoomPerformance Room


NamePerformance TimeWarm-Up RoomPerformance Room

Remember that Judges observe:
notes, intonation, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, expression, balance of ensemble, tone quality, bow control, articulation, and posture.

The beginning breath and the final cut-off are also very important aspects of your performance.

To earn a "Gold" rating, persistent personal practice is imperative.

  1. If you like, plan to car-pool with your group so that you can stay together while you are there. Park Tudor does NOT provide transportation.
  2. Have at least one parent stay with you the entire time.
    Do not leave valuables unattended. Friends and family are most welcome to come into the room and listen to your performance. Yes, they can applaud when you finish.
  3. Be on your best behavior -- QUIET IN THE HALLS. Be certain all CELL PHONES are turned OFF.
  4. Arrive 30 minutes early with INSTRUMENT and MUSIC.
  5. Locate:
    A) warm-up room
    B) performance room
    C) bathroom
    D) awards table
  6. Use your warm-up time wisely.
  7. Be prepared to be at your performance room 5 minutes before your turn... but do not be concerned if the judge is running late. Due to many different factors, that will often be the case. Patience is important. I will let you know when it is time to get ready.
  8. *******Do NOT perform until you have been tuned.*******
  9. Be calm. Do your BEST.
  10. After your performance, leave the room quietly without making any comments. (Wait until you return to the warm-up room – no noise in the halls.)
  11. Wait in the hall for the judge to give you a card with your rating on it.
    The leader of the group can be responsible for taking the card to the medal table and picking up the appropriate medals for the group.
  12. Be proud of what you have accomplished! Celebrate!

Additional ISSMA Information:

ENSEMBLES: Mrs. Farlow will take care of giving the judge your ensemble score.

Enter the room calmly and sit in your normal set-up with the player of the top part sitting to the judge’s left.

Adjust stands and chairs. Check tuning with me there. I will then leave.

Wait until the judge gives the signal to begin. He must finish writing comments about the group that plays before yours before he can listen to you.

One person should introduce the piece – title and composer.

Focus on your leader. BREATHE! Do your best.

Information for SOLOS only:

Soloists are responsible for contacting their accompanist regarding rehearsals and performance times. Realize that your accompanist will be helping many students for this event.

You must give the judge an original score. Copies are not acceptable. No photocopying facilities will be available.

EACH MEASURE of the judge's score MUST BE NUMBERED.

Be sure to thank your accompanist.

Regarding rehearsals: You should already have given Ms. Hufford the music and signed the sheet on her door for 2 practice sessions. It is your responsibility to take care of that.

Information for Group I only:

Musicians in Group I who earn a "first/GOLD" rating will automatically be registered for the State Level CONTEST Saturday, March 1 unless you tell me otherwise. Your entry fee and accompanist fee will be charged to your PT account.

Please check your calendar NOW so you can give me a definite YES or NO before you leave the site.

Sat. Feb. 3 District Piano and Voice

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
5613 W 200S, New Palestine, IN 46163

Vocal Solo Entry Form

Piano Solo Entry Form

Please take time to read these documents:

Participation is open to students in grades 5-12 who participate in our school's music program. Park Tudor will supply each singer with an accompanist (members of our music faculty) for the contest. The accompanist will rehearse with each student twice at school prior to the contest. The accompanist fee is $31, or you are welcome to secure your own accompanist.

Group level is to be determined by the student's private voice teacher. Mrs. Marshall will determine group level for students working with her.

Group One Entrants:

  • The Group One list of solos was revised two years ago. Please make sure to check the list on the ISSMA website if you are entering this top level.
  • You MUST select your contest piece from this list. Piano entrants must perform by memory at both the district and state levels; Vocal entrants must perform by memory at the state level.
  • All Group One entrants receiving a gold rating will be automatically entered in the State Contest (Saturday, February 17) unless you notify Mrs. Marshall that you are unavailable to perform on that date. Please note: State contest falls over our long weekend break for Presidents' Day.

The time schedule for the day will be posted about two weeks prior to the contest, along with instructions and a site map. It is wise to reserve the entire day for this important event because performance times cannot be requested.