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Raise Healthy Eaters in the New Year
John Richey, Food Services Director
Ring in a healthy new year by teaching kids the importance of food, nutrition, and healthy eating skills. Food to fuel busy, successful lives. Nutrition to nourish strong bodies and smart brains. Eating skills to enjoy the social aspect of meals with family and friends.
You can help raise healthy eaters by doing your best to:
  • Serve regular, balanced meals with a variety of colors and textures.
  • Remove distractions at mealtimes, such as televisions and cell phones.
  • Share an appreciation for healthy food.
  • Teach basic skills for making positive food choices away from home.
  • Make simple food safety, such as hand washing, part of every meal.
  • Make family mealtime a priority.
  • Get kids involved in nutrition, starting at the grocery store. Kids can learn to categorize food into groups as you shop: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and proteins.
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