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How to Maximize Learning
By Lisa Mercurio, M.S., ABSNP, Upper School Psychologist
For my first article in the Times this year I decided to deviate slightly from the norm and share this precious six-minute video that uses the whiteboard/voiceover format to present eight psychological conditions under which middle- and high-school students learn best; however, I believe these aspects of learning are appropriate at all ages:
  • I feel okay.
  • It matters.
  • It's active.
  • It stretches me.
  • I have a coach.
  • I have to use it.
  • I think back on it.
  • I plan my next steps.

"An Insider's Guide to the Teenage Brain" by Kathleen Cushman and Suzy Becker, illustrated by Suzy Becker, voiceovers by Dan Lieberson and Bernadette Schweda, Oct. 31, 2012, a What Kids Can Do production supported by the Nellie Mae Foundation.