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Henry L. Roediger III, Co-Author of 'Make it Stick'
Adrian Pumphrey, Middle School Math Teacher, Co-Host and Director of 360 Podcast


In this episode, we chat with Henry L. Roediger III, Co-Author of 'Make it Stick'. We discuss teaching and learning strategies in the area of memory and the brain.


360 Podcast Henry Roediger III
360 Podcast Henry Roedinger III Audio


About Henry L. Roediger III from [Dr. Henry L. Roediger's] research is concerned with retrieval processes in human memory, or how knowledge is recovered from memory. The topics below represent present lines of investigation: 1) Applying cognitive psychology to enhance education, 2) The genesis of false memories, 3) Memory athletes and other superior memorizers, 4) The relation between confidence and accuracy of memories, 5) Collective memory.​