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C+T Club
By Steve Schubert, Upper School Spanish Teacher

Every Monday, a small but altruistic group of Park Tudor students gather near the front desk of the Upper School. After everyone has scrambled to get there - the dust of the school day yet settling - we take off for Greenbriar public elementary school. Awaiting us is a group of fourth and fifth graders, mostly the children of newly minted Americans or those waiting for that privilege. 

C+T Club, or Culture & Tutoring, has for 2-1/2 years been dedicating time on Monday afternoons to teaching bicultural children with connections to Latin America, the Middle East or West Africa. Greenbriar offers an after-school program to help get these kids caught up in math and reading skills. Some of our most motivated Park Tudor students have made close connections and friendships with these children. Alec Weiker, Will Wallentine, Gabriela Skovronsky and Lily House are probably the most well-known to the Greenbriar kids. I’ve watched them faithfully tutor for 2-1/2 years now and am always touched by their kindness, humor and ability to connect with these boys and girls. 

As I drive our tutors back home, I love hearing about how bright they thought one boy was or about something funny one girl said. Often, we leave with hugs and promises that we’ll be back next week. It’s been beautiful to watch this connection between Park Tudor and Greenbriar. C+T Club’s tutoring is part of Park Tudor’s rich Community Engaged Learning (CEL) program. This is a wonderful way for our students to make a direct impact in our community and learn about themselves as people who inspire and lead.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash