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Directors' Notes

Upper School Director's Note - August 16, 2020
Sarah Webster, Director of Upper School


Dear Upper School Parents,
On the eve of the first day of the 2020-21 school year, I want to share and review some information pertinent to the start of school. As you know, we have been hard at work to prepare campus for our students’ arrival. Every year, two of our primary responsibilities are the education and safety of our students. This year, the protocols around the wellness and health of our community add to the complexities of the start of school. It will take all of us—faculty, staff, students, and parents—working together to ensure that all of our protocols and guidelines are followed on a daily basis.
I will be sending Upper School students an email this evening welcoming them back and reminding them of the protocols in place. Please encourage them to read the email and to watch the accompanying videos from me and Gareth Vaughan.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We can’t wait to see our students tomorrow!
Sarah Webster
Upper School Director
Office: (317) 415-2840
Protocols and Guidelines for Campus:
Please review the information below with your child(ren).
  • Bring two masks. Properly wear masks at all times, unless eating or drinking during lunch.
  • Practice social distancing when possible—always while in the classrooms.
  • Students are responsible for wiping down their desks as they exit the classroom. They should use hand sanitizer at this time as well.
  • Students are encouraged to use the restroom throughout the day, as needed. Our preference is for them to avoid going during passing periods as they will create congestion in the hallways.
  • Mask breaks may be taken outside when students/faculty are more than six feet apart.
  • Hallways are divided into the typical flow of traffic. All are encouraged to walk single-file in the hallways.
COVID-19 Health Screening Form:
Please complete the student screening form which is emailed to parents each morning. If the screening isn’t complete, students may not attend classes.
Drop-off and Pick-up:
Two active construction sites, in addition to the new protocols around drop-off, have created a change in our traffic patterns and start times. To aid in morning traffic, we ask that Upper School students are not dropped off earlier than 8:05. They must be in their advisory room by 8:25 and first period begins at 8:30. On Wednesdays, drop-off begins at 8:50 and they must be in advisory by 9:10.
As a reminder, student drivers will park in the Fine Arts lot. Please fill out this parking form if you have not done so already.
For those dropping off, please use the entrance at the stoplight off of College Avenue. Drop-off is in front of the Middle School. Pick-up will be in the same location. I thank you in advance for your patience as the entire campus comes together tomorrow for the first time.