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Park Tudor Blogs

Park Tudor Blogs are a glimpse into the culture of Park Tudor. We’re sharing some of the things we love – whether it’s trends in education, traveling the world, connecting with our Indianapolis community, or recommendations for a good book. Check out some of our blogs and come explore with us!

360 Blog and Podcast

Take an all-around look at student-centered education. Read the blog and subscribe to the podcast.

Connecting Classroom, Campus and Community

See how we’re connecting our classrooms to the local and global communities.

A Word on Wellness

Find tips and resources for wellness – physical, mental, and emotional.

From the Head's Desk

Park Tudor Head of School Gareth Vaughan shares his thoughts and plans with the community.

Recent Posts

Community Engaged Learning

What is Community Engaged Learning and why is it important to the Park Tudor academic experience?

Joie Cao prototypes a phone stand in the Art Fab Lab

Students bring their ideas forward and learn how to design, plan and prototype projects.

What Is Non-Bias Education?

All children and families should have a sense of belonging and experience affirmation of their identities and cultural ways of being.

Worry-Prone Kids

Determining whether or not to seek therapy for a child can be a very confusing and overwhelming process.

Exit Sign (Photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash)

Did you know the biggest part of a lesson is the first 5-10 minutes and the last 5-10 minutes?

Heads Up! Concussion Safety

If your child sustains a concussion, there are guidelines and policies in place to support your child during recovery.

360 Podcast Episode 1 Teaser

The first episode of the new 360 Podcast will feature an interview with Glenn Whitman, author of Neuroteach.

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