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Booster Club

The mission of the Park Tudor Booster Club is to create and maintain a strong tradition of school pride, spirit and support for all Park Tudor student-athletes and athletic programs. The Booster Club aims to encourage and recognize excellence in the classroom and in athletic competition.

Booster Club Board 2021-22
President Tim Button
Vice President Kate Pasquesi
Treasurer Mela Miroff
Secretary/Communications Heather Crossin
Immediate Past President Elizabeth Miller
At Large Board Members Shelby Anderson
Toya Baker
Christine Camferdam
Stephanie Grabow
Marlo Katz
John Killacky
Megan Krisiloff
Rich Murphy
John Pantzer
Karen Rothbaum
Dionne Strong
Molly Sturman
Kelly White
Tammy Wilkerson
Park Tudor Kelly Teller - Development
Morgan Patterson - Development
Courtney Whitehead - US Athletic Director
Tim Adams - MS Athletic Director
Andrea Calvert-Sanders - Director of Wellness Programs and Facilities
Booster Club Sponsored Awards
  • Crown Awards
  • Coach of the Year
  • Middle School Girl Athlete of the Year
Coach of the Year
  • 2021: Spencer Summerville
  • 2020: John Simmonds
  • 2019: Andrea Calvert Sanders & Josh Adams
  • 2018: Patrick Carlson & Jelani Williams
  • 2017: Jonathan McDowell, Mark O'Malley & Steve Curry
  • 2016: Kevin Gill & Erin Nixon
  • 2015: Steve Curry
  • 2014: Rana Hoffbauer & Lisa Trimpe
  • 2013: Casey LeFevre
  • 2012: Courtney Whitehead
  • 2011: Ed Schilling
  • 2010: Dave Heffern
  • 2009: Ryan Ritz
  • 2008: Mike Pennington
  • 2007: Michael Hasch
  • 2006: Steve Math
  • 2005: Candi Parry
  • 2004: Lisa Trimpe

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