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Acting, Directing & Technical Theatre

Students in grades 6-12 develop their performance skills in the black box studio theatre space, in script and theory exploration, workshops, rehearsals or class productions. Throughout their course of study, students will learn directing theory, voice and movement for actors, and analysis of script and live productions. The Frederic M. Ayres, Jr. Auditorium, a state-of-the-art performance venue, offers young actors, directors, designers, and technicians a professional environment in which to practice their craft. 

There are numerous co-curricular performance opportunities throughout a students' career in musical theatre in the Middle and Upper School, an annual play, and Student-Led one-acts, where students are entirely responsible for the production process from page to stage. 


In grades 7-12, students learn real world, behind-the-scenes aspects of producing live theatre with set, sound, and lighting design. Students apply their skills while working on the annual Upper School Fall Play, Upper School Spring Musical, and Middle School Spring Musical, in addition to special programs and assemblies.