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The Music Department offers a comprehensive and diverse music program that offers students opportunities to sing, play instruments, appreciate music history and theory, and participate in musical performances. The well-trained faculty encourages students to explore, experiment and develop their own musical instincts. The self-discipline learned through the practice of music is a valuable skill that can enhance a child's development in other areas of learning.

Students in grades JK-6 are provided a well-rounded general music program in which a vertically aligned curriculum prepares students for success in vocal and instrumental music. 

Students in grades 7-12 can select from a broad range of classes from Choir Ensembles, Applied Musical Theatre, Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Pep Band and Renaissance Ensemble. 

All students experience performances which range from annual holiday concerts, semi-annual Middle and Upper School concerts, the Upper School Spring Musical, and Applied Music Theatre performances at The Cabaret in downtown Indianapolis. 

In addition, students can participate in both formal and informal audition preparatory sessions designed for the college application process.