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2020 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

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David Chambers graduated from Park School in 1958 and attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School. For two years, he practiced law in Washington, D.C, with the firm that is now called Wilmer Hale, followed by a few years working in the federal government, first serving as Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, the Commission set up by President Johnson to study the riots that occurred in Newark, Detroit and other major cities in the summers of 1966 and 1967 and then serving as Counsel to the Cabinet Committee on Price Stability in the Executive Office of the President.

After his years in Washington, David spent the rest of his professional career as a teacher. In 1969, he joined the faculty of the University of Michigan Law School. During the 34 years he taught at Michigan, he wrote extensively about legal and policy issues relating to children and families, especially concerning children who faced neglect and abuse within their homes and children who are the subject of custody or visitation disputes after divorce. His empirical work into the widespread use of jail to enforce child-support orders after divorce played a central role in encouraging state and federal legislation to collect support by deducting it directly from paychecks, in the same manner as income taxes and Social Security, rather than relying on penal sanctions. Both during his years in teaching and after retirement, David wrote about and participated in litigation and legislative efforts to defend affirmative action in admissions to institutions of higher education and to secure the right of same-sex couples to the same legal benefits and responsibilities as partners in opposite sex couples. In retirement, David holds the title of Wade H. and Dores M. McCree Collegiate Professor, Emeritus at the University of Michigan.

Among positions Chambers held across the years were as President of the Society of American Law Teachers; Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of American Law Schools; Chairman of the Board of Michigan Legal Services: Chairman of the Board of the UAW-Ford Motor Company Legal Services Program; Visiting Scholar, Princeton University; and Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School.

For the past fifteen years in his retirement, David has spent much of his time writing fiction, a daydream he had postponed since leaving Park more than sixty years ago. He primarily writes for his own pleasure and the pleasure of friends, but his novel, The Old Whitaker Place, was published by the Miami University Press in 2010.


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Cathy Ferree graduated from Park Tudor in 1982. She was named President and CEO of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites on May 1, 2017. She joined the museum from Conner Prairie, where she served as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, overseeing facilities, programming, education, exhibits and more. During her time at Conner Prairie, Cathy produced 1863 Civil War Journey, 1859 Balloon Voyage, Treetop Outpost and Create Connect experience areas. Cathy was integral in securing a $2.3 National Science Foundation grant for Create Connect. Prior to her work at Conner Prairie, Cathy served as the Associate Vice President of Exhibits at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Projects she directed there included Power of Children, Bob the Builder and National Geographic’s Tools for Adventure. Before joining The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Cathy served as Director of Exhibits, Programs and Operations on the very first leadership team at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Cathy currently serves as a board member for the Walther Cancer Foundation Inc., Park Tudor School and Asante Children’s Theater. Ferree has more than 30 years of experience in the museum industry. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Affairs in Nonprofit Management from Indiana University.



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Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients


David Chambers '58
Cathy Ferree '82

2019 Janet Flanner 1909 (posthumously)
Michael "Boomer" Wallace '91 (posthumously)
2018 Irene "Renie" Lilly McCutchen '58
2017 Marya Jones '78
Sam Jones '79
Michael Jones '82 (posthumously)
2016 Susan Batchelder Plimpton '61
2015 Ed Harris '60
2014 Neil Funk '64
2013 Kay Ryan Booth '68
2012 Hurst Groves '59
2011 Emily Moore Sturman '66
Jim Sturman '67
2010 Frank Watanabe '85
Elizabeth Wiest Johnson '46
Alan Keller '60
2009 Rob Brown '79
LeAnne Smith Hardy '69
John Krauss '67
2008 Dr. Allison Brashear '79
The Colwell Brothers - Steve '51, Paul '53 and Ralph '55
Dr. Anne Pelizzoni Lanier '58
2007 John Atcheson '77
Billy Baker '74*
Susie Mayberry Mead '65
John Neighbours '67
2006 Barbara Kroeger Gamble '36*
Thomas (Tom) Osborne '96
Richard (Dick) West '42
2005 Dr. Charles Black '87
Katharine Mothershead Kruse '65
Gordon Wishard '62
2004 William Snyder Hall '29*
Sally Reahard '26*
Megan Crowell Rhodehamel '79
William A. Rhodehamel '79
2003 Dob Bennett '76
Deborah Stuart Everett '69
Charles E. Test '33*
2002 Kathryn Bard '64
Joel C. Boaz '74
Frederick D. Leete III ’45*
2001 Garvin Eddy '68
Andrea Neal '76
Susan McVie Tolbert '68
2000 Ellen Wardwell Lee '67
Louis E. Randle '50*
Lori Stephens Bonner '90
1999 Sherry Mills Rodgers '74
Norbert Schaefer Jr. '48*
Dr. Marianne Williams Tobias '58
1998 Steve S. Cagle '71
Alex S. Carroll '35
Myrta Pulliam '65
1997 The Rogers’ Family:
Alex L. Rogers ’61
Anne L. Rogers ’85
Baxter S. Rogers ’59*
Carol Cummings Rogers ’59
J.B. Rogers ’82
Mary Holliday Rogers ’65
Randall Rogers ’64
Torrence Rogers ’56
1996 Joseph M. Bloch Jr. '34*
Cathy Wood Lawson '72
Ruth Lilly '33*
1995 Cathy Lasky Knight '62
Bernard Vonnegut '32*
The Class of 1971
1994 Paul H. Buchanan Jr. '35*
Lucina Ball Moxley '36
Citation of Special Merit: Marge Kroeger '44*
1993 Allen W. Clowes '35*
Linda Hamilton McLaughlin '43*
Citation of Special Merit: H. Roll McLaughlin
1992 Sarah Margaret Moore Hodges '28*
1991 Thomas W. Binford '41*

Margaret E. Hillis '40*




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