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Alumni Association

The Park Tudor Alumni Association performs several objectives: serves the interests of its members, encourages member support, furthers scholarship aid to Park Tudor students, stimulates and strengthens interest in the school, and assists Park Tudor in other efforts as needed.

Activities and Events

  • Alumni Weekend / Reunion
  • Homecoming
  • Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Young Alumni Gathering over winter break
  • Campus Pizza Parties for recent PT Grads
  • Annual Senior Class Breakfast
  • Annual Pumpkin Carving Event
  • Regional Alumni Events in cities across the country, including Washington D.C., Chicago, New York City, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver

For information on how you can get involved, contact Krista Hays, Alumni Relations Officer, at

Alumni Association Board of Directors 2019-20


Matt Kleymeyer ’00, President
Mallory Reider Inselberg ’98, Vice President
Andy Marra ’06, Secretary
Kent Winingham ’08, Treasurer
Beth Tolbert Johnson ’03, Past President

Board Members

Emily Bohn ’12
Julianne Sicklesteel Brainard ’07
Adam Corya ’92
Katie McKown Feldman ’03
Katelyn Miner Fisher ’04
Ryan Gershman’04
Leigh Ann Lauth O’Neill ’99
Reid Searles ’06
Molly Foglesong Sturman ’93
Natalie Mercho Taler ’96
Kishan Shah ’10
Melanie Tinker Vitalis ’99    
Sloane Ringo Vititoe ’98    
Kristi Kirles Walden ’98

Alumni Relations Staff

Krista Hays – Alumni Relations Officer, (317) 415-2766