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Physical Education & Health

PE Requirement: Strength & Conditioning/Fitness Class (two semesters)
OR 2 Athletic Team Seasons

Physical Education/Conditioning & Fitness

Grades 9-12
Two Semesters
Prerequisites: none

This coeducational class focuses entirely on mental and physical health. It defines wellness in the form of weight lifting, resistance training, and aerobic conditioning. All current athletes are strongly encouraged to take this course for injury prevention and athletic skill improvement. The benefits to all students who take this course can be seen in the areas of limited injuries, increased brain functioning, muscle mass, cardiorespiratory health, and stress management.


Grades 9-12
One Semester
Prerequisites: none

This coeducational class emphasizes values and attitudes of health and nutrition. The goal of this course is to allow students to explore current issues and trends in health and lifelong wellness. Using a variety of supplementary materials including videos, practical lab activities, and community resources, students will come to understand the physical and mental basis of behavior, and will be able to discuss and analyze the process of making healthy choices in life.

The Upper School physical education and health curriculum focuses not only on physical activity, but also on proper nutrition, healthy behaviors and total well-being. Students learn lifelong skills while having fun with their friends.

The program instills in Park Tudor students an understanding that health is a state of total physical, mental and social well-being that is articulated through habitual healthy choices and attitudes. The physical education and health curriculum develops an understanding that each person controls his or her personal level of wellness, and that daily choices affect health now and in the future.