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Course List

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Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are one semester.


Grade Level


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English I, I Plus 9
English II, II Plus 10
English III, III AP 11
English IV, IV AP 12
Creative Writing: Poetry* 9-12
Creative Writing: Short Story* 9-12
Against Forgetting: 20th-Century Poetry of Witness* 11-12
Marketing Communication* 10-12


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Algebra I 9
Geometry 9-10
Algebra II 9-11
Algebra II with Trigonometry 9-11
Advanced Algebra II with Trig. 9-11
Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry 11-12
Pre-Calculus 9-12
Pre-Calculus/Differential Calculus 9-11
Calculus I AP 9-12
Calculus II AP 9-12
AP Calculus BC 9-12
Statistics AP 10-12
Mathematics Seminar: Multivariate Calculus 11-12

Science & Computer Science

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Biology 9
Chemistry 9-12
Physics 9-12
Environmental Science 11-12
Human Anatomy & Physiology 11-12
AP Advanced Biology 11-12
AP Advanced Chemistry 9-12
AP Advanced Physics 10-12
Organic Chemistry 11-12
Microbiology 11-12
Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies: Chemistry & Biology 11-12
AP Computer Science Principles 9-12
AP Computer Science A 9-12
Data Structures
Bioinformatics Algorithms* 11-12
Computer Science Seminar* 11-12
Data Science 11-12
Psychology 11-12

Social Studies

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World Civilizations I 9
World Civilizations II 10
U.S. History 11
AP U.S. History 11
AP World History 12
Microeconomics* 11-12
Macroeconomics* 11-12
International Relations* 10-12
Sociology* 10-12
Social History and Ethics Seminar* 11-12
U.S. Government and Political History* 11-12
Gender and Race Studies* 12

World Languages

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French I, II, III, IV, AP V 9-12
French VI: Seminar 12
Spanish I, II, III, IV, AP V 9-12
Spanish VI: Seminar 12
Mandarin Chinese I, II, III, IV 9-12
Latin I, II, III, AP IV 9-12

Global Scholars

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Philosophies of Knowing I 11
Philosophies of Knowing II 12


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New Edition (Course Title Change, Merge of Girls Ensemble + Journeymen) 9-10
Applied Music: Musical Theatre 9-12
Park Tudor Singers 11-12
Madrigal Singers/Adv. Applied Music: Musical Theatre 11-12
20th+ Century Music 9-12
Band 9-12
Orchestra 9-12
Music Theory* 9-12
AP Music Theory* 9-12
Private Lessons 9-12

Theatre and Speech

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Speech* 9-12
Acting: Text in Performance* 9-12
Contemporary Theatre Practice* 9-12
Repertory Theatre 11-12
Technical Theatre I 9
Technical Theatre II 10
Technical Theatre III 11-12
Technical Theatre IV 12
Independent Study in Theatre* 12

Visual Arts

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Observational Drawing* 9-12
Applied and Experimental Drawing* 9-12
Ceramics* 9-12
Painting Technique* 9-12
Color Explorations and Printmaking* 9-12
Advanced Studio Art: 2D* 10-12
Animation & Motion Media* 9-12
Graphic Design* 9-12
Advanced Graphic Design* 9-12
Publication Writing & Design 9-12
Photography I* 9-12
Photography II* 9-12
Advanced Photography* 9-12
AP Art History 12
Independent Study in Visual Arts* 11-12

Health and Wellness

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Health* 9-12
Strength and Conditioning* 9-12