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How do I know when or if my child needs an individual evaluation with Learning Services?

In many cases, your child’s teachers are able to understand how your student learns best, as well as his or her unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. In addition, all students at Park Tudor will have the opportunity to receive at least one group-administered “learning styles” assessment in Lower School, Middle School and Upper School, which provides additional data regarding your child’s learning profile. An individual evaluation is usually most helpful when teachers or parents have specific questions about a student’s learning profile which are not so easily answered through teacher-student interaction in the classroom or group learning styles assessments. Parents are encouraged to consult with their child’s teachers and Learning Services school psychologists to discuss whether an individual assessment is indicated.

My child has a learning difference. Is Park Tudor a good option for him or her?

In many cases, yes. Park Tudor welcomes all types of learners. If your child has had a psychological evaluation and already has an ILP (Individual Learning Plan) or IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in place at another school, Learning Services staff will review that information with parents and potentially conduct additional assessments to produce a Park Tudor-specific ILP. ILPs are used in the Middle and Upper Schools, and are required for students to receive accommodations such as extended time testing, use of a computer for testing, or use of assistive technology.

What sort of individual assessment is offered by Learning Services?

The Learning Services department has school psychologists working at all divisions of Park Tudor who are able to provide an individual evaluation of your child, at no cost to you. This evaluation is sometimes referred to as “an individual assessment” or “testing.” The purpose of such assessment is to help provide additional information regarding strategies for your child to perform his or her best.

Will you accept an evaluation by a psychologist outside of Park Tudor?

Yes, an outside provider or the public schools can provide an evaluation of your child. However, the type of evaluation we do at Park Tudor often uses the same instruments. In many cases, we are able to provide a much more in-depth assessment of your child than you would receive through an outside provider or through the public schools. Assessment through an outside provider may also end up being very expensive. There is also a significant advantage to having the evaluating psychologist here on campus and in direct contact with your child’s teachers. That being said, some parents feel more comfortable having an assessment done off campus. We are happy to facilitate such assessments and to provide a referral for you to an outside provider, or to guide you on how to request an evaluation through the public school system. If you do choose to have an outside provider evaluate your child, we request that you share the results of the assessment with the psychologist in your student’s division, so that we may coordinate the appropriate recommendations for your student at school.