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Senior Kindergarten

Senior kindergarten is for 5- and 6-year-olds. Park Tudor's private kindergarten program is focused on developing early learning skills and habits in an environment where children can be active, engaged and excited about learning. Small class sizes enable our teachers to get to know each student and the best ways to nurture their learning.

In our independent kindergarten, your child will grow by learning to make age-appropriate decisions and working both independently and in a group. Kindergarten is a time of social and emotional growth, and children develop positive attitudes about themselves and school.

Kindergarten is an essential time in a child's education journey, as they set the skills needed for elementary learning. In Park Tudor’s Senior Kindergarten program, we help them find a balance between exploring the world around them through play, curiosity and imagination, and working on the foundational skills they’ll need for 1st grade and beyond.

Hallmarks of Park Tudor's SK:

  • Strong emphasis on phonics and vocabulary skills
  • Cultural awareness through classic literature and art
  • Structured math program that builds concepts and problem solving
  • Fine motor skills reinforced through art and writing
  • Spanish fully integrated into daily schedule
  • Weekly computer, gym, music and library classes
  • Integrated technology program to supplement language arts and math curriculum
  • Family-style lunch that encourages responsibility and proper table manners
  • Weekly cooking activities
  • Opportunities to practice public speaking and presentation skills
  • Free choice time


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