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Junior Kindergarten

As an independent pre-k program, Junior Kindergarten is a full-day experience for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds. As these young children begin their school years, their hearts are full of excitement and wonder. Park Tudor's JK teachers nurture that curiosity and activity into a love of learning that sets the foundation for your child's school journey.

Play drives learning in Park Tudor's pre-k Junior Kindergarten. Your child's day will have many activities that expand her knowledge, encourage physical activity, grow her creativity, and build on her self-confidence and compassion for others.

Four multi-age classrooms are designed to meet the ever-changing developmental needs of our youngest learners in private preschool. Teachers use a blend of teaching approaches to develop strong cognitive and social skills. Montessori materials and experiential learning opportunities are used to develop math, reading, phonics, language, motor skills and life skills. Our independent pre-k classrooms are filled with student artwork and the works of great artists, as influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach.

Some students begin in the JK1 program (3-4 years old), and some begin in JK2 (4-5 years old). For those students who enter at JK1, the program is a two-year program before moving up to Senior Kindergarten.

Junior Kindergarten Essentials:

  • Flexible arrival time
  • Active and quiet work times
  • Rest and regroup times
  • Small group and individual instruction
  • Strong emphasis on visual arts
  • Vocal music and optional Suzuki violin experience
  • Learning centers in each classroom: books, art, iPads, pretend area, and blocks and shapes
  • Introduction to the Spanish language
  • Outdoor nature lab
  • Family-style lunch that encourages proper table manners
  • Opportunities to help with snack and lunch preparations
  • Frequent community field trips

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