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Learning in the Hilbert Early Education Center

Love Learning from the Beginning

Your child's early childhood education sets a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Park Tudor's Hilbert Early Education Center is a place where curiosity can be explored as our young learners investigate their classroom and the world around them.

The Hilbert Early Education Center is home to our Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK) classes. The early childhood program provides a safe environment specifically for young learners to play, create, learn and grow.

The early years, beginning with Junior Kindergarten (ages 3-5), builds confidence and motivation as young children begin school. Teachers use a variety of techniques to develop strong cognitive and social skills, meeting the developmental needs of each student. Early learning begins with numeracy, literacy, art, music, Spanish, physical fitness, motor skills and life skills.

Moving up to Senior Kindergarten (ages 5-6), students develop their reading and numeracy skills further, as well as continued social and emotional development. SK classrooms are active hubs of early learning, with many activities throughout the day, including times for children to work independently or in a group. Your kindergartener will love the many ways that our teachers make learning fun all day long!