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Safety & Security

Park Tudor is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our students. A full-time Director of Safety and Security oversees the safety of the school campus, along with a full-time, licensed police officer.

A comprehensive emergency and crisis plan is in place, with faculty and students trained annually in implementing the plan. Tornado, fire and other security drills are performed regularly throughout the school year.

When necessary, Park Tudor will implement security restrictions. These include:

Security alert - A security alert is the lowest level of security restriction at Park Tudor, and is implemented when a potential security threat is identified and we want our community to go on with the school day as usual, but be extra vigilant and mindful of security. Under a security alert:

  • Gates remain open and parents and visitors can come and go on campus as usual. Traffic at all gates is monitored.
  • Exterior doors to all buildings are locked.
  • Middle and Lower School students are escorted between buildings.
  • PE classes are held indoors.
  • Traffic in the Upper School parking lot is restricted.

Lockdown - A lockdown occurs when a threat is determined to be more serious or imminent. Under a lockdown:

  • No parents, students or faculty can enter or leave campus.
  • All entrance gates are closed and monitored by security.
  • Personnel will monitor exterior doors to all buildings.
  • Students will stay in locked classrooms/buildings away from windows and doors. Students with free periods (not in a classroom) will be directed to a safe place away from windows and doors.

For medical issues, our school nurse’s office is staffed with nurses who are on hand to attend to immediate medical issues and dispense medication. A number of faculty and staff members are trained in first aid and CPR, and defibrillators are placed in main campus buildings.