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ISACS Accreditation

Accredited Member School of ISACS

Park Tudor School is in the midst of the regular seven-year cycle of accreditation with the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). The review process covers all major aspects and programs of the school, citing strengths, challenges and plans for improvement.

The school completes a survey of constituents followed by a comprehensive self-study during the 2017-18 school year. A visiting team of ISACS accreditation volunteers will visit Park Tudor in Fall 2018. Accreditation is approved (or not) by the ISACS Board of Trustees based on the recommendation and findings of the visiting team and the ISACS Accreditation Review Committee.


Year 1 (2016-2017) - Self-Study Preparation
  Board approves the school’s mission statement
  Review, revise, and publish school's curriculum
  Complete survey of constituents and review results
  Develop a statistical and subjective review of program graduates
  Review and update strategic plan
  Arrange for accreditation workshop (kick-off day), visiting team leader and dates with ISACS Office
  Appoint steering committee chair & steering committee
Year 2 (2017-2018) - School Self-Study Report
  Accreditation kick-off with ISACS office representative who visits school and meets:
Faculty and Staff
Board of Trustees
Steering Committee
  Submit certified financial audit - included with self-study report
  Complete self-study report including verification of compliance with all ISACS Standards for Membership
Year 3 (2018-2019) - Evaluation Visit
  Certified financial audit (of prior school year) when the school's self-study is sent to the visiting team
  ISACS accreditation team visits school for 3 days
  Visiting team leader submits Visiting Team Report
Year 4 (2019-2020) - Reaction Report
  Submit required forms
  Report from head of school including major changes since team visit
» Description of process used to collect information for reactions report
» Full response to any conditions/provisos
» Reactions/plans for each major recommendation
» Statement that school agrees to implement all recommendations
» Written rationale for school's reaction
  Plan for school improvement or updated strategic plan
Year 5 (2020-2021) - Certified Financial Audit for school improvement or updated strategic plan
Year 6 (2021-2022) - Progress Report
Year 7 (2022-2023)
2023-2024 We Start Again!


Self-Study Steering Committee

Debbie Stuart Everett '69 Coordinator of Strategic Projects
Mary McGonagle Director of the Lower School
Steering Committee
Mary Cassidy Chief Financial Officer
Cathy Chapelle '87 Director of Strategic Communications
Clarice Doucette Grades 9-12 World Languages Teacher
Sven Dubie Director of Diversity & Inclusion; History Department Chair
Krista Fox K-5 Numeracy Learning Specialist
Emily Groves '93 Associate Director of Admissions
Shants N. Hart Associate Head of School for External Affairs
Chris Holobek Grade 4 Teacher
Michele Janin Board of Directors; Past Parent
Amy Kerr Interim Director of the Middle School
Lori McIntosh Grade 1 Teacher
Paul Miller Parent; Past PTPA Co-President
Molly Murphy K-5 World Languages Teacher
Liz Odmark Middle School English Teacher
Jen Palmer '03 Middle School English Teacher
Laura Reysz Grades 9-12 Science Teacher
Toby Rogers Physical Education Teacher
Laura Schroeder '90 Grades 9-12 Fine Arts Teacher
Sue Stemen Director of College Counseling; Legal Counsel
Bonnie Stewart Grade 5 Humanities Teacher
Spencer Summerville '06 Grades 9-12 Math Teacher
Heather Teets Director of Fine Arts
Joyce Tucker Assistant Director of Admissions
Sarah Webster Director of the Upper School
Courtney Whitehead Director of Athletics
Gareth Vaughan Head of School (Ex Officio)


Self-Study Committees

Advisory & Character Programs
Business Management & Financial Affairs
College Counseling
Connecting Classroom, Campus & Community
Counseling & Guidance
English 6-12
Equity & Inclusion
Fine Arts K-12 (includes public speaking K-12)
History 7-12
Integrated Social Studies K-6
Learning Services Programs
Language Arts K-5
Library/Media Center
Local Community
Math K-12
Overall School Climate
Parent Body
Physical Education K-12
Purpose, Goals & Philosophy
Records Keeping
Program Overview (academic program)
School Advancement & Alumni
School Community Overview (admissions, students, parents, local community, development/alumni, school climate, diversity)
School Life Overview (advisory programs, student activities & extended day, student government)
School Plant & Facilities
Science K-12 (includes LOGOS, et. al.)
Specialty Areas (summer programs, Connecting Classroom Campus & Community, technology)
Student Activities, Extra-Curricular Activities & Organizations, Extended Day
Student Body
Student Government
Student Services Overview (college, counseling, wellness, library, records keeping, learning services)
Summer Programs
Technology (infrastructure & curriculum)
Wellness: Health Care and Food Service
World Languages K-12