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[PODCAST] Episode 9 - A conversation with Dr. David Gleason (part 1), author of 'At What Cost?: Defending Adolescent Development in Fiercely Competitive Schools'

Listen to our conversation around how our best intentions sometimes backfire when it comes to preparing students for college and beyond. We also discuss how we can provide environments promoting positive mental health and where students can truly thrive in the independent school setting. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Twitter: @drdavidgleason

More about Dr. David Gleason (from

Dr. David Gleasonfounder of Developmental Empathy, LLC,  has over 25 years of experience in professional clinical psychologyDr. Gleason provides counseling and consulting services as well as neuropsychological assessments for students in public, independent and international schools. Dr. Gleason earned a B.A. in Psychology (1982) and an M.A. in Counseling Children & Adolescents (1987) –  both from Boston College, and then a Psy.D. at William James College (1993). After several years as psychologist at St. Paul’s Schoolin New Hampshire, Dr. Gleason opened his own practice in Concord, Massachusetts and also joined Concord Academy as that school’s Consulting Psychologist. In addition, Dr. Gleason serves as Senior Neuropsychologist at Wediko Children’s Services in Boston, where he supervises pre and post-doctoral psychology interns and co-teaches an ongoing professional development seminar. Dr. Gleason has taught psychology at the secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels, and he presents workshops and seminars at schools, national conferences in the US, and at international conferences around the world.

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