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Summer 2018 Information Coming Feb. 1, 2018. Registration Opens Feb. 13, 2018.

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» Current Park Tudor families should use their My Backpack accounts. Click "Programs Registration" to register for Summer School.
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Cub Camp

Park Tudor's Premier Summer Camp Just for 3 & 4 Year Olds!

Created especially for our youngest campers, Cub Camp Studio sessions are designed to foster a culture of inquiry through art, scientific exploration and guided discovery. Campers will use a variety of materials as thinking tools to tell their stories, investigate, experiment and represent their thoughts and ideas. Summer provides the perfect backdrop for open-ended, playful exploration of the physical world.

Weekly themes are open-ended by design, allowing space for campers to pursue their individual passions and interests within the classroom. Our youngest campers will be invited to imagine, play, design, concoct and create in a relaxed environment moving at the pace of summer.

*All campers must be 3 by the start of the program and must be potty trained.

Lunch: Cubs staying for a full day will need to pack a nut-free lunch Monday-Thursday. On Friday we will celebrate our week together with a cookout on Lauth Field.

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
$150 per week (The week of July 4th is pro-rated for the short week/$120)

1:00-4:00 p.m.
$150 per week (The week of July 4th is pro-rated for the short week/$120)

Cub Camp Studio

Session 1: Moving in Circles (June 5-9)

A circle is a symbol that is easily recognized by children and is the basis of many of their first representations on paper. It is also found frequently in nature. How might we use circles through art, movement, games and songs? Where do we see circles in letters and numbers? What happens when we make a circle move?

Session 2: Lines and Dots (June 12-16)

Paul Klee famously said, “A line is a dot that went for a walk.” Artists use dots and lines to make geometric shapes, define spaces, create patterns and show movement. Cub campers will experiment with different methods of making lines using a variety of materials. How might lines help us to sort and classify objects? What do we notice when we put numbers on a line? What shapes are made when lines intersect?

Session 3: Water Works (June 19-23)

An essential element for all forms of life, water is all around us and this seemingly simple element provides many opportunities for children to experiment with math and science concepts as well as language and creative development through play. Where can we find water? What stories can we tell about water? How might we use water to create art? What lives in water? Will it float or sink?

Session 4: Potion Lab (June 26-30)

Cub campers will have messy fun making potions of all kinds this week! Through mixing ingredients, children will experiment with making liquids, solids and everything in-between. Cub campers will widen their sensory experiences as they put their hands in different textures, observe the reactions that occur when substances are mixed, and see what they can create with different states of matter. What happens when we mix ingredients together? How does the reaction change when we change ingredients? What textures do we notice? What concoctions can we use to make art?

Session 5: Nature Investigations (July 3-7)

Summer provides the perfect backdrop for exploring the outdoors. This week will be spent taking a closer look at Indiana’s natural treasures through stories, nature hikes, animal investigations and exploration of local habitats. What do we see in our backyard? What can we find when we use a magnifying glass? How might we create art with natural materials? What patterns do we notice in nature?

*No camp on July 4.

Session 6: Imagination in a Box (July 10-14)

The simple cardboard box might be the most versatile and interesting toy in existence whose uses are limited only by one’s imagination. Using literature as a springboard, we will tinker with boxes of all sizes this week, exploring concepts such as solid shapes, volume and measurement and relative position. Art opportunities abound with cardboard and found objects in the mix. What might you create with a box? What fits inside? How many boxes tall are you? How else might we use boxes for measurement? What can you build with a box?

Session 7: Me and My Shadow (July 17-21)

Young campers will explore light and shadow indoors and out using a variety of light sources. Children will have opportunities to observe, measure and trace shadows and experiment with making them change in size and shape. We will explore a variety of literature featuring shadows and explore shadow puppets and shadow dancing. Where does light come from? What happens when you put light behind different objects? How can you make a shadow? How do shadows change?

Session 8: Masterpiece Makers (July 24-28)

Our last week of Cub Camp will focus on exploring the art techniques of famous artists and making them our own. In this camp, children will enjoy a balance of open art exploration combined with guided projects inspired by famous works and children’s literature. What can we create with paint, fabric, clay, wire or photography? How does the medium change our expression? What can we learn from looking at art?

*Crouching Tigers (July 10-14)

12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cost: $75

The Crouching Tigers program is a special hands-on program that introduces your child to the martial arts. Combining games, stories, and life skills, the program brings a fun, exciting, and educational fitness and martial arts program that educates children on many important lessons. With a fast paced curriculum, children stay focused and learn throughout the entire 30 minute class. All children participating in the morning Park Tudor Cub Camp will be escorted to class at 12:00. Students staying for afternoon Cub Camp will join their classmates at 12:30 for lunch.

Note: Children new to Crouching Tigers will be assessed an additional $20 fee the week of class to cover t-shirt, belt, parent handbook, and gear bag.

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