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Strategic Planning PT 2020

The beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year brings with it the launch of our Strategic Planning Process for the next generation of our Strategic Plan, PT 2020. The Board of Directors has approved our master plan as a "plan in process" and the new Strategic Plan will aim to align with this evolving campus master plan. The master plan can be seen as a flexible framework by which the school can begin to make long-term decisions about where future structures should be placed and how current structures may evolve. The new Strategic Plan will weave itself into this framework and help define the vision for Park Tudor's future.

A Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been created as a subcommittee of the Board's Long Range Planning Committee, and three strategic focus areas have been identified. Over the course of the year, the committee will conduct learning sessions on these focus areas whereby we will begin to create a lens through which to view change, develop priorities and generate action steps moving forward.

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The Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Focus Areas

Teaching and Learning: To create a dynamic, collaborative academic program that develops timeless skills (critical inquiry and effective communication) while also encouraging curiosity, adaptive thinking, passion and direction.

Citizenship and Community: To develop graduates who have the tools and competencies to engage the global, multicultural world.

Sustainability and Stewardship: To become strong and self-sustaining, able to withstand and adjust effectively to internal and external changes over a long period of time.

 Park Tudor Mission & Core Values

Steering Committee

Doug Allen Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Mary Cassidy CFO
Bryan Chandler Town of Meridian Hills, P '16, '18, '22
Cathy Chapelle '87 Director of Strategic Communications
John Daves Diversity and Inclusion / Upper School Faculty
Debbie Dominguez Director of the Lower School
Cammy Dubie Community Engagement / Lower School Faculty
Debbie Everett '69 Director of the Upper School
Suzie Fehsenfeld Board Member
Nikhil Gunale '96 Alumni Association Board Member
Emily Groves '93 Strategic Communications and External Relations
Shants N. Hart Director of Admissions and the Middle School
Chris Holobek Lower School Faculty
Peter Kraft Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs
Brad Lennon Athletic Director
Deb Maar Parents' Association
Scott McDougall Science Chair / Upper School Faculty
Matthew Miller Head of School
Jim Schacht Board Member / Committee Chair
Courtney Schwab Board Member
Doug Stotts Head of Academic Technology
John Williams Director of Fine Arts

Timeline of Planning Process

Steering Committee Kick-Off Meeting August 2013
Learning Sessions Conducted Sept-Oct 2013
Refine and Distill Input/Feedback End of Oct 2013
Present Draft PT 2020 Strategy to Board November 2013
Draft Strategy Presented, Discussed, Debated Q1 2014
Action Items, Milestones, and Measures Developed Q1 2014
PT 2020 Strategic Plan Finalized/Approved by Board End of Q1 2014
Planning and Preparation for Kick-Off Event Q2 2014
Publish and Rollout PT 2020 Strategic Plan Summer 2014
PT 2020 Kick-Off Event Fall 2014