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Giving Club Levels

Cornerstone Society - $50,000 and above
Leadership Society - $25,000 to $49,999
Head of School's Circle:
- $15,000 to $24,999
Platinum - $10.000 to $14,999
Gold - $5,000 to $9,999
Silver - $2,500 to $4,999
Bronze - $1,500 to $2,499
Panther - $750 to $1,499
Apple - $250 to $749
Red & White - $1 to $249

Key to Symbols
# indicates donors who are deceased
* indicates Park Tudor faculty and staff members

Head of School Circle

Gifts of $50,000 and above
Anonymous – 3
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
The Russell and Penny Fortune Foundation
Lilly Endowment
Samerian Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Skjodt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wood

Leadership Circle

Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Braly
Carrington Foundation
on behalf of Mrs. Janet Ayres Carrington ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeVito
David ’83 and Julie Eskenazi
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mytelka
The National Bank of Indianapolis


Gifts of $15,000 - $24,999
Steven S. Cagle ’71
Jeff and Jennie Cohen
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Tom Linebarger and Ms. Michele Janin via the Linebarger Janin Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation
MET Foundation, Inc.
Mothershead Foundation
Park Tudor Booster Club
Mr. and Mrs. N. Clay Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. John Rulli
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schacht
via the Schacht Family Gift Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schacht
Dr. Marianne Williams Tobias ’58


Gifts of $10,000 - $14,999
Mr. Robert Bennett ’76 and
Mrs. Deborah J. Bennett
Mr. Allan C. Bir
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Broadbent
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Brown
(Rob ’79; Ruth Ellen Myrehn ’80)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Feiwell
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fortune (Jock ’58)
Jan and Jerry Gershman
Hilbert Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hilbert
Indianapolis Colts, Inc.
Mr. Jeff ’89 and Dr. Jennifer Kittle
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Knapp
Dr. and Mrs. David Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schuckit
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Bill and Jennifer Stearman
Charles ’77 and Peggy Sutphin
The Randall L. Tobias Foundation


Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous – 2
Hon. and Mrs. Alex Azar II
Ms. Cynthia Bir
Mitchell Blair and Valerie Phillips Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brown (Scott ’81)
Mr. Malcolm Bundey and Ms. Delta Cheung Bundey
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Button
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Christian
Enrique and Kathleen Conterno
Mr. and Mrs. John Drics
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duiser
Don and Kathy Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Eckersley
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz French
Mr. Hurst K. Groves ’59
Mr. and Mrs. F. Haydon Hapak (Haydon ’74)
Ingersoll-Rand Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kite
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kortepeter
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Maar
Manatee Community Foundation
on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. William Myers (Bill ’65)
Mr. Hiroyuki Maruyama and Ms. Rohaya Rahmat
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Murphy (Heather Reilly ’90)
Mr. Myles O’Neill and Dr. Fionnuala Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Palmer
Park Tudor Parents Association
Ms. Jennifer Pearl
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Reilly Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Skillman
Bill ’73 and Lynda Stoops
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Stout
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Toomey


Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999
Anonymous – 2
Dr. and Mrs. Alfonso J. Alanis
Mr. David* and Dr. Karen Amstutz
Mr. and Mrs. Don Aquilano
AJ and Lynne Bir
Gina and Jim Bremner Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Broadie
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brougher
Ms. Ann Burgess
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Cain
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Mr. Bryan Chandler and Ms. Mary Titsworth Chandler
Dayton Foundation
on behalf of the Hon. Randall Shepard and Ms. Amy MacDonell Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Dunn
(Ted ’72; Julia Townsend ’72)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Enkema
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Enright
Mr. and Ms. Joe Erlinger
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Flaherty
Dr. and Mrs. Edward T. Fry
GE Foundation
Gershman Boys (Eric ’98, Jason ’01, Ryan ’04)
Mr. and Mrs. John Gilligan (Lisa Hanley ’81)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Grant
Tom and Mary Grein
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Harris (Ed ’60)
Drs. Robert and Nancy Havlik
Hogan Transfer & Storage Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. George Hopper
Dr. and Mrs. Tim Hupfer
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kroot
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Kyker
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lacy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Laikin
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas B. Lemen (Nick ’93)
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. McVie (Sandy ’64)
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Miller (Matthew*)
Dr. and Mrs. R. Christopher Miyamoto (Chris ’88)
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg Ossip
Mr. Jim Pearl
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Polak
Ms. Myrta Pulliam ’65
Dr. and Mrs. John Ramsey
Karen Mahakian and David Rardon
Reverend and Mrs. C. Davies Reed
(Carol Cummings Rogers ’59*)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Russell
Mr. Daniel Salvas and Dr. Colleen Madden
Ms. Courtney Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. James Seymour
Betsy and Jim Smitherman
Jason F. ’93 and Molly Foglesong ’93 Sturman
Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Tannenbaum
Target Corporation
John and Deb Thornburgh
Mr. and Mrs. David Urbanek
Mrs. Lucy Holliday Wick ’44
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wiesinger


Gifts of $1,500 - $2,499
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Akins
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Ambrose
Anderson Family Medicine, PC
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Batt
Kevin W. Betz and Holly Hapak Betz (Holly ’83)
Mrs. Suzanne Brown Blakeman ’55
Mr. and Mrs. James Brainard
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Carmichael
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cassidy (Mary*)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Chadderton
Mr. YongYong Chen and Mrs. Yanfei Ma
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fisher
Mr. Henry Fu and Dr. Hillary Wu
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Don Gottwald
Dr. William R. Grider
Drs. Edward Hellman and Laura Reuter
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hirst
Mr. Kevin Honigford and Ms. Kimberly Pohlman
Mr. David Joy and Dr. Qin Wang-Joy
Mr. Mark Kirschner and Ms. Sheryl Branson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kraft (Peter*)
Miss Marjorie Kroeger ’44
Mr. John Krull and Ms. Jenny Labalme
Dr. and Mrs. Steve LaBarge
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ladendorf
Mr. J. Scott and Dr. Julie Laughner
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Lawlor (Mark ’84)
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Lenke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mack
Mr. and Mrs. J. Colin MacNab
Dr. and Mrs. Dale L. McCarter
McDonald’s Corporation
Bill and Jane Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Mitlak
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Morgan
Mrs. Evaline Hitz Rhodehamel ’42
Mr. Thomas Rifleman
Mr. Robert Rook and Dr. Adrien Sipos
Kent and Diane Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sturman
(Jim ’67; Emily Moore ’66*)
Michael and Sharon Sullivan
Taurel Foundation
on behalf of Sidney and Kathy Taurel
Thomasson Foundation
on behalf of Jeffrey and Benita Thomasson
Upton Foundation
on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Trumbull (Kate Lehman ’00)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Yingling (Jeff ’78)
Mr. Guoxin Zhu and Dr. Zhaogen Chen


Gifts of $750 - $1,499
American Electronics, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Devin Anderson
Mr. Dean Barnhard
Batt Family Foundation
Susan Batt ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Beesley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bowlby
Mr. C. Harvey Bradley ’41
Tom and Anne Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Buttrick
Chase Foundation
Drs. Won Kyoo and Mi Hei Cho
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Ciulla
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Cochran (Mary Moses ’75)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Colby (Kim Frenzel ’80)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Conner
David and Ellen Crabb
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Crannell (Lee ’86; Lynn Lacy ’86)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Crossin (Heather Hanley ’84)
Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Deane
Drs. Timothy Divens and Suzanne Hand
Duke Realty Foundation
Mrs. Nancy Hare Dunn ’45
Mr. Drew Elliott ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Everett (Debbie Stuart ’69*)
Brett and Patricia Fink
Jim and Gracia Floyd
Mr. William L. Fortune Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Foster
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew H. French (Matthew ’87)
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Gerdisch
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Goodwin
Rich and Susan Graffis
Griffith Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. C. Perry Griffith
Mrs. Gerd Griffith
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Hamilton (Scott*)
Drs. Steven and Terri Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Saul Helman M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Herschman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hill
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Holliday
(John ’42; Phyllis Behringer ’42#)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howard (Thomas ’54)
Mr. and Mrs. Rob C. Hueni (Rob*; Gretchen*)
Mr. and Mrs. John Huguenard
Bill and Gertrude Huster
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Dennis and Brook Johnson
Johnson-Weaver Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Kaefer
Mr. and Mrs. James E. LaCrosse
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Larman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lathrop (Alma Taylor ’60)
William V. and Catherine W. Lawson (Cathy Wood ’72*)
Ellen Wardwell Lee ’67 and Stephen J. Dutton
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Loewen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Long (Christine Graffis ’88)
Stephanie Upham Lord ’68
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Main
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan McDowell (Jonathan ’02)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Roll McLaughlin (Linda Hamilton ’43)
Mrs. Ellen Meis Metzendorf ’62
Ms. Susan Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Nesbit
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pasch (John ’88)
Christine and Robert Paugh
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Pettinga (Tom ’80)
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pulliam (Russell ’67)
Jim and Kim Purucker
Dr. and Mrs. J. Mario Pyles
Drs. James L. Qualkinbush and Brenda G. Barker
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Rex
The Saltsburg Fund
on behalf of Donald W. Buttrey
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Scales
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathon Sedgwick
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Skeels
Susanne and Jack Sogard
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Stack
John and Mary Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Stiles (John ’56)
Ms. Vanessa S. Stiles ’88
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Storer
Jonathan ’89 and Kelly Teller
(Kelly Lamm ’87)
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Vermilion Foundation
Dr. Zhenghan Wang and Dr. Yanyun Chen
Mr. and Mrs. T. Frank Watanabe (Frank ’85)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Weldon (Peter ’55)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard White
Dr. Jimmy Xu and Dr. JoAnn Wangi
Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. Yadav
Gene and Mary Ann Zink


Gifts of $250 - $749
Anonymous – 3
Dr. Kash Abdul-Rahman and Ms. Jamila Zafar
C. Willis Adams III ’58
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Adams
Mr. Thomas B. Adams ’59
Mr. Iñaki Alanis-Cue ’03
Dr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Albrektson
(Kathleen Berns ’67)
Amgen Foundation
Mr. Jeffrey Andrew and Mrs. Pamela Obegi
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Angelicchio
Dr. and Mrs. Ray M. Antley
Mr. John N. Atcheson ’77
Mr. Viswanath and Dr. Vidya Sree Atluri
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Ayres (Mike*; Karen*)
Nancy Ayres ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bahler
Cols. Lyndi Hutchison ’67 and Terry Balven
Bank of America Foundation
Dr. Santonino Banya*
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Behringer (Stephanie*)
Ms. Katherine L. Benedict ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Benoit
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Black
Ms. Alpha Blackburn
Dr. Christina Bodurow
Dan and Beth Bohn
Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Bridgewater
Mr. Ron Brock and Ms. Ann Thompson Brock
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Brogan
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Bussa (Nancy Kernahan ’56)
Pat and Tory Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Joby Carmody (Heather*)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. S. Carroll (Alex. ’35)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Challand
Mr. Yuefeng Chen and Ms. Jia Yu
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Christie
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Cochran (Christina Kuhns ’87)
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Combs
(Jim ’95; Weezie Elder ’97)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Deryl Couch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dassow
Mr. and Mrs. William Daugherty
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Davis (Don ’62)
Ms. Grafton Day ’05
Dr. Alfonso de Dios and Mrs. Raquel Molina
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Debshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Hesham Derazi
Dr. Janice DeSanto ’76
Stephen E. ’53 and Mary O. DeVoe
Mr. and Mrs. Bob A. Dominguez (Debbie*)
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Doninger (Judith Lamb ’58)
Mr. and Mrs. James Dora Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duginske
Mr. Douglas W. Dunn ’74
Mrs. H. Warren Earle (Constance Cadick ’49)
Deborah Eck ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Eckel (Larry*)
Mr. Bowman R. Elder ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ellison
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Ellsworth (Roberta Norris ’68)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas English
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Esterline
(Tom ’57; Kate Mahaffey ’58)
The Adele D. Rice Fund
on behalf of Dr. James P. Fadely and
Mrs. Sally Fehsenfeld Fadely
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Falender
(Steve ’67; Debra Dudenhoffer ’66)
Dr. Giuseppe Firenze and Dr. Isabella Velona
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fisher
Robert and Elizabeth Taggart Fitzsimmons ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Ford (Abby*)
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Frank
Walter and Laura Freihofer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. French
Miss Pilar C. French ’88
Jim and Cindy Freudenberg
Michael and Kristin Fruehwald
Drs. Michael and Shirley Fry
Mr. Joseph Fumusa*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Gaughan (Shirley*)
Richard and Nancy Gaynor
Barbara Gehring
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gehring
Mr. and Mrs. James Geier
Mr. Alex Genetos ’00
Philip and Dorothea Genetos
Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Gery (Lee ’57)
Dr. Juan Carlos Gomez and Dr. Maria Luisa Diez
Carolyn Schaefer and Jack Gray
Drs. David and Jianan Graybill
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hallenbeck
Dr. Chafiq Hamdouchi and Dr. Almudena Rubio
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hammock (Chris*)
Mrs. Charlotte H. Hapak
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Harrell (Kenneth ’87)
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Hill Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Hawkins
(Sam ’94; Sarah Smith ’97)
Mr. George Hayes and Dr. Lindiwee-Yaa Randall-Hayes
Mr. Ledger Heavilon and Ms. Ellen Boshkoff
Dr. and Mrs. Larry L. Heck
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hellman
Ms. Lisa A. Hendrickson ’77* and Mr. John Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Hicks
Mr. Arthur C. Hodges
Mr. Fletcher Hodges III
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Honig (Rebecca*)
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rex Hoppenworth
(Claire Wishard ’88)
Mr. and Mrs. Dagoberto Hornedo
Dr. Thomas D. Hughes
Mr. Clifford A. Hull* and Dr. Sara H. Murphy
Mr. V. William Hunt and Mrs. Nancy Bergen Hunt
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Johns (Jennifer Griggs ’85)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Johnson
Mrs. Elizabeth Wiest Johnson ’46
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson Jr.
Bill Johnson and Karen Napier-Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kahre (Inga*)
Dr. William A. Kalsbeck ’81
Mr. and Ms. Todd Katz
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kemper
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Kershisnik
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Kiley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kilkenny
John and Annie Kittle
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Klapper
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Klinger
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kuhn (Doug ’71)
Mrs. Julie Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Lanham
Mr. Kelley and Dr. Dana Giles ’83 Lasek
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Latinovich
Mr. William Lawson ’00 and
Mrs. Stephanie Goodrid Lawson ’00
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Leffler
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lehman (Deborah Ramsey ’82)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Levine (Mike ’90)
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Li
David, Deidre and Ayana Lindsey (Ayana ’12)
Lorenz Family Charitable Trust
on behalf of Ms. Helen L. Lorenz Holdeman ’59, Alice Lorenz ’63, and Mrs. Linda Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. MacAllister (Chris ’74)
Mr. Michael W. Magdycz and Ms. Dawn E. Crum
Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. Maier
Dr. and Mrs. Adnan Malik
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Marrero
Mr. and Mrs. William Marsan
Dr. and Mrs. Bret Marsh
Dr. and Mrs. J. Allen McCutchan (Emily Klamer ’61)
Ms. Erin L. McDonald ’88
Mrs. Juli Lee McGarrah ’77
Drs. James McGill and Julie Fetters
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McLain
Ms. Holly Mead ’88
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mead (Susie Mayberry ’65)
Barbara Menzie ’46
Jan and Linda Mertens
Mrs. Eleanor Taylor Miller ’65
Mr. Don Perkins and Mrs. Kristen Miller*
Dr. Raghavendra Mirmira and Dr. Veena Rao-Mirmira
Mirowski Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mitchell (Anne Rogers ’85)
Dr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Mobasser
Mr. Kenton Morris and Mrs. Jennifer Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mosongo
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mossler
Mrs. Suzon Motz
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Murphy (Molly*)
Mr. and Mrs. James Murtlow
National Christian Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson
Drs. Alexander and Helen Niculescu
Rev. and Mrs. J. William Novak
James T. and Debra B. Parker
Ms. Angi Parks* and Mr. Noel Piñero
Mr. and Mrs. John E.D. Peacock
(Jay ’64; Sally Bradley ’64)
Mr. Anthony and Dr. Lori Petrucciani
Mr. Steven F. Pockrass ’83 and Mrs. Kathy Osborn
Mr. Peter and Dr. Tammy Polit
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Rapp
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Rapp
Dr. and Mrs. Ovais Raza
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Renkens
Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Susan Richards
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ring (David ’72)
Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Rogers
(Randy ’64; Mary Holliday ’65)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rogers
Colonel Torrence ’56 and Dr. Lynette Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Kenton Roush
Mr. John C. Rudolf
Mr. and Mrs. L. Bond Sandoe (Valri Philpott ’52)
Dr. Mary Ann Scott*
Mr. Richard C. Searles
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Shane (Ben ’96)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Shore (Heather Stewart ’90)
Catherine Nelson Hollings Simmons ’47
Mrs. M. David Skeels
Rev. Jean M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Sogard (Chris ’84)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Sogard
Dr. and Mrs. Rajiv Sood
Mr. and Mrs. John St. Clair
Kathleen and Dale St. Louis
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Steel (Lemita Fields ’97)
Mr. Mark J. R. Merkle and Ms. Sue E. Stemen*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stewart (Bonnie*)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Stickney (Kim Smith ’74)
Mr. and Mrs. P. James Stokes (Jeannine Grinslade ’46)
Mrs. Kitty Tavel
Dr. Eugene R. Thomas ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thornton (Lindsay Elder ’95)
Mr. and Mrs. Mikael Thygesen
Drs. Steve and Maria Tilmans
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Townsend III (John ’89)
Rebecca Garrison Tracy ’52
Mr. and Mrs. David Tucker
Ms. Alaina Urbahns ’08
John and Janna Urbahns
Ross Urbahns ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Valinet (Stephen ’60)
Dr. and Mrs. Srinivas Vallapuri
Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo Verderame
Ms. Seema Parikshak Verma
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Wade (Steve ’83)
Mr. and Mrs. Jian Wang
Chris and Tara Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh K. Warren (Brick ’68)
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Webster (Mike*; Sarah*)
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. West (Brian ’92)
Mr. and Mrs. Clive G. Whittenbury (Rachel Boys ’52)
Nancy Nichols Williams ’73
Mr. Michael S. Wintermeyer ’10
Gordon ‘62 and Anne Emison Wishard
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Worrall (Jim ’61)
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Xiao
Dr. Yanping Xu and Dr. Qiuyue Yu
Ms. Catherine L. Yingling ’87
Mrs. Mary Louise Yingling
Ms. Sheila Young*
Dr. Min Zhao and Mrs. Annie Chen
Marty and Amy Zimmerman

In-Kind Gifts

Dr. and Mrs. Alfonso J. Alanis
Kevin W. Betz and Holly Hapak Betz (Holly ’83)
Ms. Cynthia Bir
Mr. Anatoliy Petrov and Ms. Tracey Blum-Petrov
Dr. Christina Bodurow
Mr. Ron Brock and Ms. Ann Thompson Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Cerda
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Cohen
Mr. Haldan Cohn and Ms. Phyllis Lugger
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeVito
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Eckersley
Mr. and Mrs. Johnston Erwin
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph L. Foxworthy
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz French
Mr. and Mrs. Don Gottwald
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Grant
Mr. and Mrs. John Hammer
Ms. Lisa A. Hendrickson ’77* and Mr. John Whalen
Dr. and Mrs. David Isaacs
Mrs. Renata Jackson
Ms. Kristi Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Weston Andrew Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kershisnik
Mr. Jeff ’89 and Dr. Jennifer Kittle
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kortepeter
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Larman
Mr. Kelley and Dr. Dana Lasek
William V. and Catherine W. Lawson (Cathy Wood ’72*)
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Maar
Dr. and Mrs. Jon M. Maier
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Main III
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Martin
Mr. Hiroyuki Maruyama and Ms. Rohaya Rahmat
Mr. Jan Mertens and Mrs. Linda Mertens-Kluver
Dr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Mobasser
Mr. Kenton Morris and Mrs. Jennifer Morris
Mrs. Ola C. Morrow
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Neher
Nicole-Taylor’s Pasta & Market
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg L. Ossip
Mr. and Mrs. Rob C. Paugh
Mr. Alfred O. Reynolds Jr.
Mr. Geoffrey Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. George Reynolds
John Reynolds Esq. ’67
Mr. Toby Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Wade A. Roth
Mr. Nick Ruskowski and Mrs. Michelle Farina
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schacht
Mr. Richard C. Searles
Mr. and Mrs. James Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. David Skeels
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Sogard
Mr. and Mrs. John St. Clair
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Stearman
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Straub
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Urbahns
Dr. and Dr. Paul H. Whitney
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Xiao

Applefest Golf Outing

Anonymous - 2
Hon. and Mrs. Alex M. Azar II
Bateman Photography
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Bayt
Best Bolt Products, Inc.
Ms. Cynthia Bir
Classic Pool & Patio, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeVito
Dreyer & Reinbold BMW of Indianapolis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Duiser
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dulin II
Elbrecht Concrete
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Elbrecht
Mr. Thomas English
First Merchants Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Foster
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gardner
Gordon Flesch Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hallenbeck
Mr. and Mrs. F. Haydon Hapak
Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.
Hogan Transfer & Storage Corp.
Hoosier Storage-Georgetown LLC
House Development LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael House
ISU Insurance Services, Underwood Agency
Jet Linx Aviation LLC
Mr. William Johnson and Mrs. Karen Napier-Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly
Mr. Jeff ’89 and Dr. Jennifer Kittle
Mr. Austin Kyker ’12
Leadjen LLC
Light Your World Ministries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Arnel Macy
Mr. William and Dr. Jane Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Moore
Mooreco IV McDonald’s
Moyer Fine Jewelry and Gifts
Park Tudor Parents Association
Plews Shadley Racher & Braun
Mr. and Mrs. James Purucker
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Reinbold
ReMax Ability Plus, Talk to Mitchell
ReMax Ability Plus, The Hamilton Group
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Rex
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schacht
Mr. and Mrs. James Seymour
Shepherd Insurance & Financial Services
Shiel Sexton Company, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Tannenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Urbahns

Red & White

Gifts of $1 - $249
Anonymous – 9
Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Aagesen (Larry ’93)
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Aagesen (Matt ’95)
Mr. Gordon Abbott and Ms. Florence Maio Abbott
Aetna Foundation
Leeta Albea*
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent B. Alig (Mary Jean Milner ’47)
Mr. and Mrs. James Allen (Kim*)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Alpert (Barbara*)
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Amstutz
Drs. Amit and Vibha Anand
Mr. Sam Anaokar ’97 and
Dr. Jordan Mossler Anaokar ’97
Ms. Mary L. Storey Anolick ’72
Apple A Day, Inc.
Apple Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Arnold (Christine Burton ’71)
Drs. Gaurav and Rebecca Arora
Ms. Shelly Arthur*
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Asato
Bob and Monica Ash
Joan B. Atlass ’42
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Averyt (Shannon*)
Mr. and Mrs. John Axe (Linda Sadlier ’56)
Mrs. Susan Backer
Mrs. Eleanor Backman
Miss Ann Badertscher ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Baldwin
Wilma Moenning Bamberger ’44
Ms. Jordan Bangert
Mr. and Mrs. George Barbee (Molly Johnson ’66)
Dr. Kathryn A. Bard ’64
Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Barlow (Belinda*)
Ms. Grace Barlow ’11
Ms. Brandi Barnett*
Ms. Rosie Barnhard
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Barretto (Cara Young ’93*)
Ms. Ann I. Bastianelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Batt (Bob ’95)
Danny and Terry Bayt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bean (Sally Alexander ’54)
Steve and Barbara* Beattie
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Becher
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Beck (Sally Hawk ’66)
Dr. and Mrs. John Belden (Anne Brennan ’74)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bennett (Robert ’88)
Ms. Katy Benson*
Mr. and Mrs. John Berry
Ms. Nupur Bhatt ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Bievenour
Torrey M. and Lori E. Bievenour (Torrey ’96)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Birge (Judy Kothe ’60)
Tom and Joanne Black
Miss Samone Phillips Blair ’14
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Blankenbaker
(Jim ’83; Carrie*)
Mrs. Sol Blickman (Toby Sachs ’39)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Block
Mr. Anatoliy Petrov and Ms. Tracey Blum-Petrov*
Mr. Scott Bobbs ’11
Dr. and Mrs. David Bogan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Boland
Mr. Kyle Bonham ’05
Ms. Cynthia Boschen
Ms. Judith C. Bowen ’55
Ms. Jeanne Bowling*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bragg (Carrie*)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Brake
Mr. Charles Braly
Ms. Stephanie Branch*
Ms. Lauren Braun ’07
Ms. Marissa M. Braun ’10
Ms. Rachel Braun ‘08
Mr. Jeffrey Breall and Ms. Lisa Sarbach
Mr. Matt L. Bremner ’00
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bridge
Ms. M. Jane Bridgins
Barbara Prentice Broad ’37
Mr. and Mrs. David Broecker
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Brooks (Claire Wilkinson ’52)
Mr. Logan Brougher ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brown
Mrs. DeWitt W. Brown
Ms. Jane T. Browne
Mr. Ronald Bruce*
Ms. Amy Bruges*
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Burgman
Susan and Andy Buroker (Susan Novak ’84*)
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Caceres
Mrs. Ann Clark Calkins ’45
Mrs. Tobie Cadle Calkins ’52
Mrs. Deb Camack
Ms. Kathleen Campbell*
Dr. Thomas and Rose Campbell
Miss Courtney Cantor ’07
Mrs. Alicia Carlson*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Carney (Jay ’80)
Mr. John Carpenter ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Carr (Susan Nunamaker ’69)
Hon. Julianne Cartmel
Janet and Lawrence Casey-Allen
Roxane and Chad Cerda
Mr. Joseph Chamberlin*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cheesebourough
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carnicella (Anna Christie ’01)
Hea-Won Kim and Tae-Yon Chun
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory N. Cislak
Elizabeth Woodard Clark ’59
Mr. Brett Clements ’03
Ms. Mollie Cleveland*
Mr. and Mrs. William Clouse
Ms. Leslie Clumb*
Benjamin and Margaret Coe (Peggy Butler ’48)
Mr. Haldan Cohn and Ms. Phyllis Lugger
Ms. Alison Collins*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Colwell (Steve ’51)
Mr. and Mrs. John Compton
Ms. Emily R. Cooney ’10
Carolyn Coukos
Ms. Ashley Cox*
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob R. Cox (Jessica Benson ’99)
Mr. Kyle Cox*
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L. Crafton (Annie*)
Ms. Mary Crevey
Mr. Victor Cruz and Dr. Maria Rivera
Jim Cunning and Lisa Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cunningham
Julia A. Foreman Cunningham ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Monte Curnutt (Cathlynn*)
Mr. Stephen Curry*
Robert H. Cusack, M.D. ’39
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cuthbert (Stephen ’62)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dakich
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Dammeier (Justin*)
Ms. Amy Davis ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Grover B. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Dawson (Margaret Spiegel ’62)
Miss Mary Dawson ’07
Ms. Stefanie Dean ’05*
Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore and Dr. Men-Jean Lee
John and Ruth Denton
Ms. Jessica Deubner*
Mr. Mark Dewart* and Ms. Margo McAlear*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Dezelan
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dick (Whitney Ford ’99)
Dr. and Mrs. Darin Dill
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron W. Dimmock (Aaron ’92)
Mr. Antonio Dominguez ’18
Miss Bailey Dominguez ’13
Ms. Gretchen L. Doninger ’87 and Mr. David Victorson
Mr. William L. Draper ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dreyer (Sally*)
Dr. and Mrs. Sven H. Dubie (Sven *)
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Dull (Cassie*)
Mrs. Virginia Obrecht Dulworth ’46
Mr. Wesley Dunn ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Durbin
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Dust
Mr. and Mrs. Garry M. Eckard
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Eckerle
Ritch K. and Joan T.C. Eich
Mrs. Cynthia Eiteljorg*
Mrs. Betty Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ellison (Ann*)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Emhardt
(Fred ’78; Cynthia LaFollette ’79)
Ms. Kaitlin Emmerson ’11
Miss Kara Sue Endsley ’88
Mrs. Barbara Epperson
Mr. and Mrs. Johnston Erwin
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Essex
Mrs. Lucinda Lee Evans ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fagin
Ms. Elizabeth Rae Fagin ’12
Lorelei* and Thomas Farlow
Mr. Stephen Feinstone
Ms. Teri Feller*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fenech (Holly Weaver ’93)
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ferrara
Ms. Pamela Fischer*
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fischer (Scott*)
Dr. and Mrs. Barry W. Fisher (Barry ’78)
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Fleck (Sylvia*)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Fletcher (Steve ’65; Judy ’67)
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Foglesong
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Forrestal (Lily*)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fox (Karlyn*)
Mr. Charles J. Foxlow
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph L. Foxworthy (Jenifer James ’81)
Ms. Patricia B. Frankum
Timothy D. and Kristina R. Freeman
Mr. Peter S. French ’85
Carolyn Easton Friedman ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Friskney
Mr. Ian Fry ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gabbert
Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher
James and Ann Gallagher
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Galstian
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Garbowit
(Wendy Mantel ’72)
Caroline Gardner ’16
Kelly Gardner ’20
Thomas Gardner ’14
Mr. Mark Garrett and Ms. Domenica Bourus
Ms. Laura Gellin*
Drs. Ted and Roberta Gibboney (Robyn Horan ’72)
Mr. Dwayne Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gibson (Mark ’95; Hillary ’95)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Giles
Steve ’74 and Jacquie Giles
Mr. John T. Gilligan ’10
Mr. Andrew Gillman ’05 and Ms. Courtney Dewart ’05
Drs. Carlos and Ruth Gimeno
Mr. Jonathan Glassman ’99 and Ms. Guilianna Zamora
Ms. Therese Glassmeyer*
Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. Golichowski
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Goodman
Mr. Shawn D. Graft ’95
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Graham
Mr. Jerry Grayson*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green
Sydney Green ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Greenwalt
Ms. Ellen Davies Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gregory
Ms. Ellen L. Grein ’10
Mrs. Edith Greiwe
Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Grider
Mr. Ransom Griffin ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Grinkmeyer (Joan*)
Mr. William Griswold ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gross (Rick*)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Groves (Emily Hebert ’93)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grubb
Dr. Jan Guffin*
Mr. and Mrs. Nikhil S. Gunale (Nikhil ’96)
Mrs. Barbara Sublett Guthery ’58
Reed E. Halliday
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Halperin
Ms. Jennifer Hamblet*
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hamer (Paul*)
Mr. Donald Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. John Hammer
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David Hampton
Mr. Anthony and Dr. Diane* Hamstra
Mrs. Mary Pat Evans Hanson ’67
Drs. James and Doris Hardacker
Mr. Kyle Hardacker ’11
Mr. August M. Hardee II ’85
Mrs. Valerie B. Ballow Hardeman ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. David Harris (Marion*)
Mr. Kevin Harris ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Hart (Shants*)
Ms. Holly Hartley ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Hartmann (Greg ’79)
Le-Angela Harvey Colbert
Mr. Chip Heberden and Ms. Stacey Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Heisler
Mr. Ronald W. Hellmann
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hessler
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Hicks (Brian ’88)
Mr. Colin Hicks ’11
Mr. Merritt Hicks ’11
Mr. Thomas Hicks (Tom ’77)
Mr. Francisco Hidalgo*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Higgins (Jeffrey ’80)
Mr. Douglas Hill ’58
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Hilligoss
Dr. and Mrs. Don Carlos Hines (Don ’56)
Ms. Jane Hizer*
Ms. Beverly A. Rechtoris Hobbs ’65
Dr. Cherri Hobgood
Ms. Ginny Hodowal
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hogshire III (Jim ’50)
Jannette K. and Richard R. Hogshire
Mr. Christopher Holobek*
Mrs. Jane H. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Holt (Bill ’76)
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Holton (Jim ’71)
Mrs. Reva M. Horine
Miss Kristyn Marie Horvath ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Howard (Garry*)
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Howe
Ms. Brooke Hubbuch ’01
Mrs. Rosemary Adams Huffman
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hughes
Ms. Joni W. Hughes ’75
Mr. and Ms. James W. Hulbert
(Jane Maxwell ’71)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hullett
Mr. Richard Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Huotari (Darrell ’97)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Hutchinson (Kathy*)
Mr. and Mrs. Kiyoshi Ikeyama
Indianapolis Garden Club
Mr. and Mrs. Berkley Isaac
Dr. and Mrs. David Isaacs
Mr. Craig T. Jackson ’82
Mr. Arthur B. James ’87
Drs. J. Gerald and Eileen Janzen
Martie Hutchman Jensen ’45
Dr. Elizabeth Jessup ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Jessup (Jon ’86)
Mrs. Donna Johnson*
Mr. Jeffrey R. Johnson*
Ms. Priscilla Johnson
Ms. Sara Johnson ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Johnston
Ms. Kristi Jones
Ms. Marya E. Jones ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Weston Andrew Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. John Katrus (Julia ’99)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kelleher (Heather*)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Keller (Scott ’63)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kellogg
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kennedy
(Jack ’47; Patricia Smith ’49)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kenny
(Kelly Sheridan ’95)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kerr (Amy*)
Dr. Faisal Khan and Dr. Beenish Amjad
Bill* and Denise Kidwell
James and Susan Kigamwa
Dr. Steven Kim and Ms. Susan Yoo
Mr. Jeffrey ’82 and Dr. Linda Kimbell
Mr. Andrew Kimsey ’05
Mr. James Kincannon
Mr. John Kincannon ’06
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. King
Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. King
Ms. Nancy R. King
Mr. Royal King ’83
Mr. J. William Kingston
Amy and Bruce Kinon
Mr. and Ms. Vasco Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Kirkland
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kivela
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kivett (Charles ’51)
Mr. Joseph Kivett ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kizer (Ann*)
Mr. Michael Klausmeier ’11
Ms. Heather Kleinschmidt*
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kleymeyer (Matt ’00)
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Knall
Ms. Emily Knapp ’11
Ms. Laura Knapp ’02
Mr. Michael G. Knapp ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Knowles
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kohart
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kondelik
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kortepeter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kraege
Mr. John Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. John Kramer
Mr. John L. Krauss ’67
Lisa A. Krieg ’82 and Michael Gable
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kubie (Elizabeth Sherwood ’67)
Ms. Heather Kulwin ’92
Ms. Carey Kunz ’11
Mr. Gerry and Mrs. Susanne LaFollette
(Sue Eaglesfield ’54)
Mrs. Sandra S. Stiles Lagoni ’62
Dr. Frederick Landis
Mrs. Rosalie McKee Lange ’47
Mr. Matthew Lanter ’07
Ms. Marcia Lynn Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lasseter (H. Margaret Fisher ’47)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Laughner (Barb*)
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lautzenheiser
Mrs. Allison Lazin ’02
Joann Pettit Leal ’58
The Russell & Mary Williams Learning Project at Park Tudor School
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lebovits
Dr. Chin Lee and Dr. Natasha Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Lee (Holly Kuhn ’77)
Mr. Donald Thompson and
Dr. Li-Chun Caroline Lee-Thompson*
Ms. Maya Leibman ’84
Mr. and Mrs. P. Bradley Lennon (Brad*)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Lerch (Kathryn*)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Leser (Geno ’79)
Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Lickliter (Marc*)
Mr. H. Peter Lieber ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Links (Nancy*)
Mrs. Carol McKee Littell ’51
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Lombardo
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lowe (Laura*)
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Lowry*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lucas
Miss Betty Jo Lutz ’46
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Lynch (Bill ’60)
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Lynn
Ms. Motoko L. Maegawa
Michael Magdycz Jr. ’19
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Main (Bill ’87)
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Malcom (David*)
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Funk Mann ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Mantel (Flo Mary Foreman ’46)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. March (Debbie*)
Ms. Gigi M. Chalfin Marks Felsher ’72
Elise S. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Marshall (Melanie*)
Mrs. Norma Math
Mr. Steven A. Math*
Mrs. Mary Sydney Haram Matuska ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McClure
Mrs. Christina McCoy
Dr. Scott McDougall*
Dr. and Mrs. William K. McGarvey
Mr. and Mrs. John McGrath (Ann Mahaffey ’52)
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. McIntosh (A.J.*; Lori*)
Mr. and Mrs. William T. McKay (Hank ’88)
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk McKeon (Emily Arnold ’90)
Mr. Dave Morrison and Ms. Margot K. McKinney ’79
Mr. David B. McLane ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. McLaughlin
(Mac ’79; Margo Raikos ’81)
Mr. Perry R. Meek ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mercurio (Lisa*)
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Meyer (Carl ’77)
Mrs. Susan Meyer
Ms. Margaret Michaelis*
Microsoft Corporation
Ms. Emily Miller*
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Miller
(Gene ’46; Flo Jameson ’47)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Miller (Sandy*)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Miner
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Miroff (Drew ’92)
Mr. Franklin I. Miroff and Dr. Susan Maisel-Miroff
Ms. Avery Mitchell ’11
Miss Kemmie Mitzell ’04
Christopher and Michele* Modglin
Richard and Terry Mohs
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Moore
Mr. and Mrs. David Moore (David ’81)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Moore
Mooreco IV McDonald’s
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Morales (Lori*)
Mr. and Mrs. David Morton
Mrs. Jessica Doyle Moskowitz ’97
Mr. J. David Mossler ’04
Ms. Christa Mulkey
Mr. Carey M. Muluhya and Dr. Eva W. Muloma
Mrs. Letitia Sinclair Mumford ’40
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Muntz
Mrs. Murphy’s Class, Classes of 2026 and 2025
Mrs. Suzanne E. Boland Murphy ’62
Mutual Insurance Companies Association of Indiana
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Myrehn (Bruce ’78)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nachlis (Sandra Alpert ’90)
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Nagy (Katherine Deane ’98)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Navarre (Pamela Menzie ’73)
Dr. Antonio Navarrete and Mrs. Jennifer Bailey
Ms. Cassandra Neal*
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Neal (Georgianne Davis ’47)
Drs. Robert Neal and Cathy Bonser-Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. Neighbours (Owen ’62)
Mr. Ronald Nelson and Ms. Joyce Garfield Nelson ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Nelson
(Bob ’59; Sandie McConnell ’59)
Mrs. Kaarta J. Woolling Nemeth ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Neubauer (Anne Rust ’65)
Drs. Blake L. and Carolyn Neubauer
Ms. Sandy Newton
Mr. and Mrs. David Nie (Jennifer*)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nixon (Erin*)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Noel (Harry ’68)
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Nole (Claudia*)
Paul Nordby*
Ms. Kathy Mance O’Brian ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O’Brien (Dee DeMotte ’52)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Odle (Alexis*)
David and Liz* Odmark
Mrs. Donna O’Donnell
Mr. Anthony Onstott*
Mr. William Haydon Osborne ’10
Mr. Ayotunde Ositelu ’05
Tom* and Kim Page
Drs. Rajesh and Valerie Pai
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Palleiko (Jeanne Lindholm ’62)
Park Tudor Class of 2016
Park Tudor Lower School Student Council
Mr. David Park and Ms. Emily Morris
Mr. Douglas Park ’11
Dr. and Mrs. David Patterson
Mr. Eduardo C. Ciannelli and
Ms. Sandra Dunbar Paul ’54
Ms. Jacquelyn Peelle*
Ms. Jana Pehler
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pellico (Karen*)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pendexter (Mary*)
Neil Pettinga ’19
Mr. Brandon C. Phillips ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Phillips (Mark*; Leslie*)
Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips (Susan Garrett ’71)
Bobbi Byrn Plewes
Bob Pockrass ’87
Miss Kelli Polzin ’02
David ’55 and Susan Wishard ’56 Poston
William and Susan Powers
Mr. S. Duane Pritchett ’57
Prudential Foundation
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Kim* Pulfer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Raiser (Charlie ’65)
Ms. Amanda N. Ranek ’06*
Mr. Stephen C. Ransburg ’56
Mr. Mark McLaughlin and Dr. Rekha C. Rao ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Rassi (Melissa Black ’89)
RBC Foundation USA
RC Sports LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon J. Realey (Bryon*)
Ken and Melissa Reese
Mr. Frank Regich* and Mrs. Concha Marin*
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Reid
Mr. Alfred O. “Tod” Reynolds Jr. ’63
George ’65 and Kay Reynolds
Mr. John M. Reynolds ’67
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rhodehamel
(Will ’79; Megan Crowell ’79)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Richardson
Mr. John Richey*
Mr. Michael N. Ricos ’88
Mrs. Natalie Griener Riddell ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Riddle (Sharon*)
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Riegner (Jenny Lowe ’84)
Rifleman Family (Kurt ’82)
Mr. Ben Holloway and Mrs. Emily C. Ristine Holloway ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Ritz (Ryan*)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Roberts (Laurel*)
Mr. James Bolton and Dr. Pamela Bolton (Pamela Robertson ’82)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Roby
Ms. Carole Diane Roe
Miss Helen E. Rogers ’46
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rogers (J.B. ’82)
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Rogers (Toby*)
Mr. Steve Rohrbaugh and
Mrs. Tiffany Rider Rohrbaugh ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rominger (Barbara)
Mark ’89 and Mary* Rominger
Mr. Adam A. Roth ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rothbaum
Mr. Steven Rowe and Mrs. Jun Luo
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ruckelshaus
(John ’48; Patricia Carter ’48)
Mr. Nick Ruskowski and Mrs. Michelle Farina
Jane B. Russell
Ms. Suzanne Russell*
Mrs. Gloria C. Ryan
Mr. Eric Sabandal ’09
Dr. Vani J. Sabesan ’95
Ms. Tina Sahakian*
Mr. Eli Salatich*
Ms. Johannah L. Holleran Salmon ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Samra (Kristin Throop ’82)
Ms. Carmen Sanoguet*
Mr. and Mrs. Gino Santini
Ms. Lisa Sauce
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Schalliol
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Scheele (Anne Ewing ’64)
Mr. Alexander Nicholas Scherer ’07
Mr. Peter Scherer ’11
Mr. Joseph Holcomb and Mrs. Laura Schilli-Holcomb ’88
Mr. Edmund Schilling*
Ms. Kathryn Schilling*
Mrs. Shawn D. Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Schroeder (Laura Kivela ’90*)
Thomas C. Schroeder and Julia Hipps Schroeder
Ms. Carrie Schwartz*
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scotten (Alyssa*)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Selke (Doe*)
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Selm
Mrs. Margaret Miller Seroppian ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Julio Serpas
Dr. and Mrs. Mitesh Shah
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Shane
Dr. Geoffrey Sharpless* and Dr. Hilene Flanzbaum
Mr. Ben Shaw ’04
Mrs. Mary Jo Hawk Shaw ’64
Mrs. Ikue Shirayanagi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shula (Gaye*)
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Shumate (Carol)
Jim and Bonnie Shute
Ms. Julianne Elizabeth Sicklesteel ’07
Mr. Michael Sanich and Ms. Jane Sidey*
Mr. William A. Sigman
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Simmons (Carole*)
Mrs. Helaine Borinstein Simon ’39
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sims (Jane Harper ’66)
Ms. Barbara Skelton*
Ms. Barbara Skinner*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slade
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Sloope (Julia*)
Ms. Heather Louise Smith ’89
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Smith (Becky Sharp ’57)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Snow
Frederick Snoy ’71
Miss Lianne Somerville ’66
Anoop and Rani Sondhi
Ms. Melissa Sondhi ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Soukup
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Spartz
Dr. and Mrs. Steven K. Spencer (Steven ’58)
Ms. Brenda Squires*
Ms. Amy Stacey
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Stacey
Ms. Susan Stallings*
Mr. Colin C. Stalnecker ’04
Mr. and Mrs. M. Cary Stalnecker (Cary ’98)
Mr. and Mrs. James Stanbrough
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Staubach (Joan Woodard ’66)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Stautz
Mrs. Kate Lee Steele ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Steele (Sarah*)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Steuer (Mary Huber ’69)
Mr. and Mrs. Seth A. Stevens (Amy Kleymeyer ’97)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stewart
Ms. Elizabeth Stickney ’11
Mr. Robert Stigler*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Stimming
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stotts (Doug*)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Straub
Ms. Dionne A. Strong*
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Stump (David ’01)
Drs. Norman and Anne Stump
Jonathan and Joanna Sturgill
Mr. Mike McCraw and Dr. Amye Sukapdjo ’87
Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Sullivan
Cameron Sumner ’17
Chris and Cheri Sumner
Evan Sumner ’14
Mr. James Sumner
Lily Sumner ’20
Gregg A. Sweeney, D.D.S.
Mrs. Janet M. Sweeney
Ms. Marion Sweeney ’65
Nancy McCown Symmes ’39
Mr. Thomas W. Taft ’87
Mr. and Mrs. John Talbert (John*)
Ms. Myra J. Talkington
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taylor (Susan*)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Teel (Tom ’61)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Teets (Heather*)
Mrs. John Templeton
Drs. Raj and Monica Tewari
Miss Cameron Thomas ’07
James E. Thomas and Judith E. Dell’Aringa
Mr. J. Elliott Thomasson ’07
Mrs. Ann Huesmann Thompson ’47
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Thompson (Vivian Alpert ’67)
Mrs. Anne Throop
Dr. Frank B. Throop#
Mr. Royce D. Thrush*
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Tierney
Mr. Luke S. Tilmans ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tinkey
Mr. and Mrs. David Todd (Ellen*)
Ms. Elizabeth Tolbert ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Tolley (Deborah Ricketts ’67)
Mr. and Mrs. Silas P. Tolliver
Ms. Deborah Tompkins*
Mark and Kristin Tomyn
Ms. Vicki Townsend ’68
Mr. John H. Travis ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trimpe (Lisa*)
Mrs. Joyce Tucker*
Mr. Bryan William Tuckman ’07
Ms. Tamara Tudor*
Mr. Nicholas R. Tweedy ’06
Dr. and Mrs. Dario Untama (Dario*)
Van Riper-Woodard Family Foundation
on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Turner Woodard (Turner ’67; Diann White ’71)
Mrs. Edith Vasu
Mr. and Mrs. DeMario Vitalis (Melanie Tinker ’99)
Ms. Jillian T. Voege ’11
John and Alana Voege
Ms. Miranda D. Voege ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. VonDerau (Kathy Broyles ’66)
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Vonderohe
Mrs. Barbara Martin Vonnegut ’39
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Vote (Janice*)
Mr. and Mrs. John Wade
Mr. Michael Wadelton*
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Walker (Diann Gery ’65)
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Wallace (Mary Ann Ober ’62)
Monique and Mark Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Smoke Wallin
Mr. John R. Walsh
Mr. Roy Tamura and Ms. Debra Warner*
Ms. Adrienne E. Watson ’06
Mr. and Ms. Jonathan Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. (Skip) Watson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Watson (Susan*)
Drs. Whitten and Susan Watson
Mrs. Meredith Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Weigle
Mr. and Mrs. John Weingardt (Tina*)
Mrs. Barbara Weir
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Weldy (Abe ’92)
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Westermeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Weymuth (D.J.*)
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wharton III (John ’73)
Ms. Martha L. Wharton
Dr. Anne W. White ’72
Mr. and Mrs. John B. White (John ’76)
Mr. and Mrs. Tom White
Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Whitehead (Courtney*)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Whitesell (Philip ’53)
Mrs. Daphne Wiles*
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Willenberg
Mr. John Williams*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Williams (Joe ’80)
Mrs. Nicole Williamson
Mr. Zachary Wills ’03
Mr. Duane E. Willsey ’82
Miss Lindsay Winingham ’03
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Wishard (Bill ’59)
Mr. R. Stewart and Ms. Kristin L. Wood
(Kristin Miller ’51)
Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Woodfin (Deborah Wasden ’69)
Dr. Kenneth R. Woolling, M.D.
Ms. Mary Woolling ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wright (Mary Jo*)
Ms. Mary Martha Wright ’52
Ms. Shelle Wright*
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Wu
Mrs. Roberta Wurzman
Ms. Rina Yadav ’11
Dr. Harry Yankuner ’62
Dr. and Mrs. Ramu Yeleti
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Young
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Young
Ms. Teresa A. Young and Mr. Bob Lewis
Ms. Mary Zajac*
Dr. Xiaowei Zhao and Mrs. Jie Xu
Ms. Sara C. Zink
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Zolezzi (Greg ’61)