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Hilbert Early Education Center

The Hilbert Early Education Center is home to our junior kindergarten (JK) and senior kindergarten (SK) classes.

Park Tudor’s center for early childhood education provides an environment specifically for young learners. Our private kindergarten programs provide a strong foundation for cultivating lifelong learning skills and building confidence and motivation. Park Tudor School is one of only three independent schools in the state to offer education from age three through high school graduation.

Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten is for children ages 3-5. Four multi-age classrooms are designed to meet the ever-changing developmental needs of our youngest learners. The classrooms become a small learning community where children explore and investigate their classroom and the world around them.

Teachers use a variety of techniques to develop strong cognitive and social skills. Montessori materials and experiential learning techniques are used to develop numeracy, literacy, phonetic and life skills. The classrooms are filled with student art work and the works of great artists and are influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach.

The children in these classrooms are a mix of JK1 (3-4 years old) and JK2 (4-5 years old) students. For those students who begin at JK1, the program is a two-year program. Each classroom has more JK2 students than JK1 students, but there are opportunities for admission at both levels.

Junior Kindergarten Essentials:

  • Flexible arrival time
  • Active and quiet work times
  • Rest and regroup times
  • Small group and individual instruction
  • Strong emphasis on visual arts
  • Vocal music and optional Suzuki violin experience
  • Learning centers in each classroom: books, art, computers, pretend area, and blocks and shapes
  • Introduction to the Spanish language
  • Outdoor nature lab
  • Family-style lunch that encourages proper table manners
  • Opportunities to help with snack and lunch preparations
  • Monthly community field trips

Senior Kindergarten

Senior Kindergarten is a full-day program for 5- and 6-year-olds. Children in this program are engaged, excited learners who are ready to tackle many activities every day.

In senior kindergarten, students learn to make age-appropriate decisions and work both independently and in a group. During this time, they show growth in social and emotional development, and they have positive attitudes about school and themselves.

Senior Kindergarten Essentials:

  • Strong emphasis on phonics and vocabulary skills
  • Cultural awareness through classic literature and art
  • Structured math program that builds concepts and problem solving
  • Fine motor skills reinforced through art and writing
  • Spanish fully integrated into daily schedule
  • Weekly computer, gym, music and library classes
  • Integrated technology program to supplement language arts and math curriculum
  • Family-style lunch that encourages proper table manners
  • Weekly cooking activities
  • Opportunities to practice public speaking and presentation skills
  • Free choice time
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