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The College Search

Choosing the Colleges for Your Applications

  1. Decide which schools meet your criteria.
  2. Try to determine if you meet their criteria.
  3. Use common sense. Don't apply to a dozen colleges.

Top Ten Tips for The College Search and Application Process

  1. Start early.
  2. Be yourself. Don't be swayed by friends or by what you think admissions committees want to hear.
  3. Maintain a strong record throughout your senior year – colleges will ask!
  4. Visit all top-choice schools.
  5. Apply to colleges of varying selectivity. Always include some fallbacks.
  6. Take deadlines seriously: filing applications, reporting test scores, financial aid applications.
  7. Spend time on your applications – especially your essays. Proofread and photocopy.
  8. Keep your counselor informed! Be visible in the College Counseling Office.
  9. If the process is getting you down, visit your college counselor.
  10. Trust your instincts.